Never Forever (BlackPath MC Book 1)

Never Forever (BlackPath MC Book 1) by Vera Quinn Read Free Book Online

Book: Never Forever (BlackPath MC Book 1) by Vera Quinn Read Free Book Online
Authors: Vera Quinn
Then I pick up the pace towards the
shut the door and reach down and start the water, then pull the shower curtain closed
so I don’t get water everywhere. I get in and rinse off and take a long breath
and try to get the adrenaline under control that comes with the thrill of a
race. I needed that little rush, but now I need to control it. For some reason
I feel as if that proverbial other shoe is fixing to drop. The day’s events go
through my mind and something is off.
new guy, Devil, bothers me, but something else is up with my dad . Hopefully
tomorrow things will be made clearer to me, but I just feel something is way
off. I step out and grab one of the towels to dry and get my bag so I can get
my clothes out. My new sexy bra and thong will give me that lift to make me
feel good about myself. I may not be all girly, but sexy undies make any woman
feel good. I have a hot pink short tank that hangs down right above my belly
button that has a silver hoop ring through it. Instead of my blue jean cut offs
I would usually wear, I have a pair of tight fitting, low cut jeans. I leave my
hair down and put a bit of mascara on then blow dry my hair and put some lotion
and a small amount of lip gloss on and I am ready. I dig in my bag for my
lighter boots and this girl is as ready as she is going to get. I look in the
mirror and see my naturally dark skin tone, so the less is more look is
definitely the way to go. My dark tan makes my belly button ring stand out and
the pink tank looks good. I have a little junk in my trunk so I’ll pass. Not
like I’m looking to impress anyone, but I like to look good for me. I just want
to have a good time. I guess we can get this party started.
walked downstairs and just as I make it to the bottom I hear Hanna say to Cru
“She is going to be so surprised. She has been missing him all day. Have you
got it set Cru?’’ she turns when she hears me approaching. They all turn away
from the table and say “Surprise!” I am completely confused and then I see
Felix has his laptop set up and Mason is on the screen in a skype session.
no you didn’t!” I laugh and rush over to the table.
strong sexy face is on the screen. I miss this man so much. He looks so tired.
“Baby, is that really you? It has been so long. I MISS YOU SO MUCH!” I shout at
the screen as if that would bring me closer to Mase. “How did you do this? I
thought it was a no communication order.” Tears are welling in my eyes but I am
trying to hold them back. I don’t want to miss a second of seeing his face.
baby girl. Order was lifted about two hours ago. I know I’m not there but this
is the best I can do for now. I miss you so much. Stand in front of the screen
so I can see you.” Mason says as he always does when we skype.
get in front of the screen and twirl around. “How was that?” I ask, laughing. I
feel a little shy, which is completely silly considering Mase has seen me at my
look beautiful. Too beautiful. I miss you so much.” Mase has a look on his
face. If I didn’t know better, I would say it was a guilty look. “I will try to
be home soon but I can’t promise. I want to be there for you, I need you.” Now
I know something is wrong. Mase never lets his feelings out like this,
especially not so all the people here could hear them, he’s almost as bad as
dad. He’s fidgeting and not looking at me but more to his feet. He looks
is everything ok?” I look at him but he’s not looking at me. “Baby I love you,
did everything go ok?” I ask quietly but Cru is looking at Mase too, as if he’s
man, is Jeb ok?” Cru asks but he is keeping his eyes on me and I know something
is wrong.
yeah man, he’s fine. Went to shower and eat. I didn’t want to miss my chance to
talk to Callie. We won’t be here very long and Jeb is giving me his time too.

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