Never Say Never

Never Say Never by Sonja Myburgh Read Free Book Online

Book: Never Say Never by Sonja Myburgh Read Free Book Online
Authors: Sonja Myburgh
drive into it on purpose.”
    “The lady protests too much.” Nick laughed and Grace laughed in agreement. “She would fail a lie detector test even if she’s innocent.”
    “Is she always like this?” Lucas asked Grace.
    “Oh yeah, all the time…” Grace nodded. “You should see her when…”
    "Uhm, excuse me!" Hayley cleared her throat and Nick, Lucas and Grace looked at her. “I’m standing right here.”
    Grace grinned and winked at Nick. Lucas walked over to her and dug his hands in the front pockets of his pants. He looked her square in the eyes and she frowned.
    “What?” She asked, slightly breathless by his closeness.
    “Come have a drink with us.” Lucas smiled slightly.
    “We can’t…” Hayley shook her head.
    “We were headed over to Flanagan’s if you wanted to join us.” Grace said behind her.
    “Grace…” Hayley whispered to her, but she didn’t seem to hear.
    “It’s the least you could do. After all, you did d rive into the back of his car, which looks really expensive, by the way.” Grace smiled.
    “Grace, you’re totally not helping.” Hayley muttered and Grace laughed.
    “One drink.” Lucas smiled at her. “It’ll take the edge off.”
    Hayley studied his playful expression and felt her resistance slipping. “Fine. One drink.” Hayley said to Lucas.
    Grace walked up to Hayley and put her arm over her shoulders. “Actually, we can do more than one drink. The babysitter’s only due home at one.”
    Before Hayley could protest, Grace grabbed her hand and pulled her towards the car.
    “Okay, drive safe.” Lucas grinned playfully and Hayley had to bite her lip to prevent responding. Hayley looked over her shoulder at Lucas and he winked at her, then turning to walk back to his car.
    “Stop staring at his ass, Hayley.” Grace whispered with a grin and Hayley looked at her in disbelief. “Which looks good by the way.”
    “Grace…” Hayley shook her head and ran her hands through her hair.
    “You know I’m right.” Grace raised an eyebrow and smiled.
    Hayley frowned slightly at her friend and shook her head.
    Of course Grace was right, he did have a very nice ass, but she shook off the thought and dropped her gaze. When they were inside the car, she turned to Grace with a look of disapproval. “I can’t believe you just did that.”
    “Did what?” Grace looked at Hayley.
    “The babysitter is only due home at one!” Hayley shrieked. “You didn’t need to disclose that information to them! They could be madmen, or psychotic serial killers.”
    “Jeez, Hales, calm down. It’s just a drink.” Grace said calmly, as if nothing happened.
    "I’ve heard that one before…” Hayley glared at her friend, but Grace was not fazed by her anger at all.
    “Hayley, no offence, but you need to lighten up a little.” Grace said to her, with raised eyebrows.
    “You sound like Jess…” She muttered and Grace looked at her. “…and trust me that is not a good thing.”
    “Hayley, just shut up and drive, please.” Grace narrowed her eyes at Hayley.
    Hayley looked at her for a second, started the car and looked out onto the road.
    “How do you know Lucas?” Grace asked after a brief silence.
    “I don’t. Well, not really, I only met him once before. Owain was talking to him at the convenience store last night.” Hayley sighed.
    “What?” Grace frowned.
    “I took Owain to the convenience store for sprinkles.” Hayley nodded.
    “Sprinkles.” Grace repeated.
    “Yes, for his cupcakes.” Hayley looked at Grace. “Thursdays we…”
    “Yes, I remember.” Grace nodded. “How does he fit into the story?”
    “I’m getting to that. I went to get sprinkles and he went to the toys. I momentarily lost him, but found him by the pet food, talking to this guy.” Hayley said.
    “Lucas.” Grace tilted her head with a smile.
    “Yes.” Hayley nodded and looked at Grace.
    Grace had that look on her face and Hayley shook her head.
    “I know what you’re

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