Never Say Never, Part Two (Second Chance Romance, Book 2)

Never Say Never, Part Two (Second Chance Romance, Book 2) by Melissa Shaw Read Free Book Online

Book: Never Say Never, Part Two (Second Chance Romance, Book 2) by Melissa Shaw Read Free Book Online
Authors: Melissa Shaw
Tags: Romance, Contemporary Romance
    Chase ground his teeth until they squeaked, then glanced sideways at Janet. “Can I talk to you outside for a second?”  
    “Sure, Chasey.”  
    Chasey? That was abhorrent. Worst. Nickname. Ever.  
    “I meant Emily.”  
    “What?!” Janet stomped her foot in a mini-tantrum. “Absolutely not. I won’t allow it.”  
    “I’m kind of busy here,” Emily said, her arm was numb from holding up the drunk sack of vitriol.
    “It will take a second.” Chase gestured to the door and Emily wavered.  
    What could he possible say to her which would make a difference?  
    “Amanda, take a seat for a second. I’ll be back in a few, okay?”  
    “Yesh, yesh, whatever.” She pulled her cardigan straight, but hooked her pinky through a buttonhole instead. Emily fed her into a chair and she promptly plopped her forehead on the table.  
    Janet gave an almighty huff and marched off to the opposite end of the table.  
    That suited Emily fine. The less they spoke, the better.  
    She followed Chase out into the street and guarded herself against the fall nip in the air, by pulling her own sweater closer to her body.  
    “We can’t keep doing this.”  
    “What? Meeting up? I agree completely,” Emily answered. She hated seeing him with Janet and she hated being angry.  
    “No,” Chase answered, and closed the distance between them with a broad step. “This. The fighting, the separation.”  
    “W-What are you doing?” Having him this close knocked the breath right out of her lungs. This couldn’t happen. He couldn’t be trusted. He was here with Janet for God’s sake!  
    He touched her cheek gently, stroking it with his thumb and her insides turned to jelly. Those nerves, that emotion sprang up again.
    She wanted his lips, his heart, his hands, his everything.  
    No. No, she couldn’t let it happen. No weakness this time.  
    “Emily.” Her name had never sounded sweeter.  
    Chase lowered those soft lips and pressed them to hers, a silken brush of desire. They were warm, but shivers of pleasure ran down her spine.  
    “Chase,” she said, husky with need.  
    “Don’t speak.” He went in for another kiss, his intent plain in that dreamy gaze, but paused, “Everyone deserves a second chance.”  
    Emily pulled back with a low growl. “What does that mean?”  
    “Just what I said.”  
    “Are you saying that I deserve a second chance from you?”  
    “Wha – well, yeah.”  
    “Fuck you, Chase Newman.”  
    He still didn’t understand what he’d done wrong. He still thought it was okay to lie to her about damn near everything and keep his secrets. Man, she didn’t even know what he did for a living.  
    Whenever she’d asked anything she’d gotten vague answers.  
    “Emily, come on. I can’t take this anymore. I’m trying to fix things here.”  
    “You can’t be that keen on fixing things if you’re here with Janet.”
    Chase fumbled in his pocket and struck a pose. “I’m confused.”  
    “Ah, I see. Good luck with that.”  
    “Emily, how could I not be confused? You gave up on me. You gave up on us, and you didn’t trust me enough to share. Hell, you didn’t act like you wanted to be with me, even when we were together.”  
    “We were never together.”  
    “Yeah, right,” he answered, cars rushing by behind him, “so you expect me to know what’s going on when you’re sending me these mixed signals?”  
    “Mixed signals.” Emily shook her head in disbelief. He’d mind fucked her, but she was the one who’d sent mixed signals. “Okay. I see. Here’s a clear ass signal for you, Chase. Never contact me again.”  
    Pedestrians strolled by and the lights of city lit the streets in a multi-colored glow. They didn’t speak for a moment.
    “Fine,” he said, finally.  
    Emily turned her back on him and entered the restaurant. She had a drunk Barbie to escort home.


    “You tapped that Chashe guy?”  
    Emily bundled her drunk

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