Never Say Never, Part Two (Second Chance Romance, Book 2)

Never Say Never, Part Two (Second Chance Romance, Book 2) by Melissa Shaw Read Free Book Online Page A

Book: Never Say Never, Part Two (Second Chance Romance, Book 2) by Melissa Shaw Read Free Book Online
Authors: Melissa Shaw
Tags: Romance, Contemporary Romance
‘friend’ into the passenger seat of the Audi – Amanda had picked her up for the date – and closed the door without an answer.  
    She got into the driver’s side, leaned over and strapped Amanda in. God forbid she should perish in a fiery crash or anything.  
    “I shaid, did you tap that Chashe guy?” Amanda was insistent, and her pink lipstick was smudged across her cheek.  
    Emily started the car and put it in gear. “It’s nothing.”  
    “Figures. Not even you could get a guy like that. He hash the jawline of a God. Like Thor.” Amanda stifled a yawn. “What are we waiting for? I’m tired.”  
    “Yeah, amongst other things.” She muttered it and the drunkard didn’t seem to notice.  
    Chase had taken it a step too far with the cheek-stroking. She couldn’t handle his touch. It was heroin to her, her new cocaine. She didn’t want to be addicted to that man, but she couldn’t help herself.  
    “That other bitch. The fire crotch. What was her name?” Amanda’s ‘s’ was back. If the slur had already faded, time was short.  
    “Janet.” It tasted bitter saying that.  
    “That his girlfriend?”  
    “I don’t know.” And she didn’t care. Or she did, but she didn’t want to. That made her angrier. Why couldn’t she forget about this guy and move on?  
    “I know her from somewhere.” Amanda scratched her head.  
    “Who? Janet?”  
    “No,” she answered with a sarcastic hiss, “the bar lady. Of course, Janet. Swinging around the stripper pole has dulled your mind.”
    Emily ignored her. “Where from?”  
    “I don’t know. She looks familiar. I’m sure I’ve seen a picture of her or something.”
    “Yeah, she stared at you funny too.” Emily spurred her on.  
    “Probably just jealous because she’s a ginger and I’m sexy.” Amanda pressed the button on the window and fresh air zipped into the car, whipping strands of Emily’s hair back from her face.  
    “Anyway, we’re almost at your place.”  
    “Good. Poor Bri is still out on business. That’s good for you though, because he simply wouldn’t stand it if you were around.”  
    The lips were loose on this one. Red wine was Amanda’s truth serum, apparently.  
    “You know, I want to have more kids but he doesn’t?” She pressed her finger to her lips in a shushing motion.  
    “He’s not exactly the most accommodating man, is he?” Emily pushed harder, keeping focus on the road but her mind sharp from the two glasses of water she’d downed before they’d left Co.  
    “He’s a hard ass. But he’s my hard ass. I hope you realize that.”  
    Did this crazy woman really think that she wanted Brian back after what he’d put her through?
    “He’s all yours, trust me. I have no interest in Brian Ross.”  
    “Better keep it that way.”  
    “Wait, so he doesn’t want more kids?” Figured. Brian was a terrible father. He didn’t give a shit about Jared or Becci. He saw them as assets for the future, and any money he poured into them – food, clothes, and schooling – was an investment for the future.  
    They were to be his little angels, the American dream to better his chance of becoming president one day.  
    God save the country if that happened.  
    “Kids, no.” Sadness crept into Amanda’s tone. “I want a little baby girl so bad. One of my own. We’d wear matching clothes, hold hands, go shopping together.”  
    Emily blinked at the vision of an equally pink girl holding Amanda’s hand.  
    “I’m sorry about that. Really am.” She wasn’t. Amanda wasn’t exactly fit to be a mother. Too selfish. “But here we are.”  
    She pulled into the long drive and drove up to the house, gravel crunching beneath the tires.  
    “Thank God. Took you long enough.” Amanda fumbled with the door handle but couldn’t get it to work.  
    “I’ll get that.” Emily jumped out and rushed to the passenger side. She opened up and gripped her companion around the waist, then

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