Never Say Never, Part Two (Second Chance Romance, Book 2)

Never Say Never, Part Two (Second Chance Romance, Book 2) by Melissa Shaw Read Free Book Online Page B

Book: Never Say Never, Part Two (Second Chance Romance, Book 2) by Melissa Shaw Read Free Book Online
Authors: Melissa Shaw
Tags: Romance, Contemporary Romance
leveraged her from the car.  
    Amanda clung to her with both arms around her shoulders, and craned upwards to stare at Emily.  
    “Why are you being so nice to me?”  
    “What are friends for?”  
    A flash of guilt passed over Amanda’s expression and was gone a second later. Emily slammed the car door shut with her hip and half-walked, half-dragged the drunk congressman’s wife to the front door.  
    She fished the keys out of Amanda’s handbag and let them into the house. The alarm wasn’t armed at least. A small blessing.  
    “Where’s your room?”  
    “Upstairs, first on left.” She yawned wide and indicated at the same time.  
    Emily got her up the stairs, covered in a mauve plush carpet of course, and into her wood-paneled bedroom. Brian liked everything to look stately, no matter how off-putting it was.  
    Emily had begged to change the décor, but the man had been set in his ways. That hadn’t changed at least.  
    The sheets were the same.  
    She drew them back and delivered Amanda to her bed.  
    “Thank you.” Amanda mumbled, eyes already drifting closed. “Don’t tell Brian.”  
    “Oh, I won’t.” Emily grinned at her sleeping ‘competitor’.  
    This was her chance. She could see the kids. Make them understand.  
    She hurried out of the main bedroom and to the room at the end of the hall – Becci had slept there when she’d lived in the house.  
    She opened the door and let herself in.  
    “Who’s that?” Jared sat up in bed and Emily gave a start.  
    “It’s mom.”  
    “Oh. What are you doing here?”  
    Becci sat up beside him, rubbing sleep out of her eyes. She was seven now. Seven whole years old – and her blonde curls were also intact.
    “I brought Amanda home and I wanted to check you two were okay,” she said, putting on a brusque motherly attitude. “What are you two doing in the same room?”  
    “Becci was afraid.” Jared answered, and Emily went to the bed, still outfitted in white sheets dotted with purple flowers.  
    She sat down on the edge and gave a sigh. “I want you two to know something.”  
    Becci stared at her in disbelief, a small glimmer of recognition in her gaze. “You’re my mommy.”
    “Yes, my darling, I am.”  
    “Not anymore.” Jared refused to look at her.  
    “Jared Henry Ross,” Emily snapped and he flinched and focused on her, “you listen to me right now. Time and distance may separate us, I may not always be around, but I’m still your mother. You don’t have a choice in the matter.”
    The two children sat in silence, paying rapt attention.
    “And that’s going to change now, anyway.”
    “What is?” Becci piped up, gripping a floppy brown teddy to her chest.
    “I’m going to be here for you guys from now on. No matter what.”  
    “No, you’re not allowed to get our hopes up and then just leave again anyway.” Jared shook his head, furious.  
    “Jared, you can believe what you want to, but when I make a promise, I keep it.” Emily sighed and touched his cheek and then Becci’s. “I want you to know that I didn’t leave by choice. I did a very stupid thing, something I’ll never forgive myself for, and it cost me years of my life.”  
    “What did you do?” Becci asked.
    “I can’t tell you, now, but one day I’ll explain it to you. It’s my fault that I don’t get to be around you as much, so I don’t blame you for being angry, but I want you to understand that it wasn’t my choice. I didn’t do this on purpose. I don’t want you two to live with Amanda.”  
    “Amanda,” Becci said and pulled a funny face, “wears a lot of pink.”  
    “Yes, please don’t take style tips from her.”
    “Blegh, never!” Becci burst out laughing and Jared let a few chuckles escape, then plastered his frown back up.
    “All right, back to sleep you two. It’s late.” She gave them a kiss and a hug each and tucked them in. Then she tiptoed to the door and left it open a crack so

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