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Book: NextMoves by Sabrina Garie Read Free Book Online
Authors: Sabrina Garie
into the corner.
    “You’ve got that right. I’m only getting started. The town’s
waiting. What’s your answer?”
    ”Okay, you’ve got a deal, Mr. Wyatt, and we’ll expect you to
present your plan for the double victory at the fall Chamber Dinner. Welcome to
    After a ceremonial shaking of hands to play to the crowd,
Jared guided her off the podium. “There’s never a dull moment with you, Jocelyn
Wade. We’re going to talk. Now.” His demeanor made it clear he would brook no
    “My office. This way.”
    They rode the elevator to her office in complete silence.
Once inside, they settled into opposing camps, weapons loaded.
    ”Never. Hand. Me. An. Agenda. Next time, I’ll toss you over
my lap and spank you in front of the crowd.” Even consumed by rage, that image
alone had his cock tightening in raw hunger.
    “A threat? In my town? We play by my rules here. Get used
it.” Her shoulders squared, chin firm, she blasted power at him. He ignored it.
    “Unlike everyone else in this town, I’m not afraid of you,
babe.” He moved over her, purposely looking down at her, channeling all his
control through his eyes—a stance that usually had opponents quaking in their
boots. Not her.
    “Intimidation? It’s not working…darlin’.”
    Grasping her upper arms, he pulled her against him so the
hardness of his erection stroked across her mons until she shuddered against
him. “It’s working just fine, darlin’. Stop pushing me away. You want this
every damn bit as much as I do.”
    “That was a fluke, a momentary weakness. I don’t do
relationships.” Her face, smooth and hard as marble, denied any emotions .
    Oh she’s good, but not good enough. “That ice-queen
act may scare off the men around here but I know the hellion underneath. And I
like her, claws and all.” One hand lifted her face toward him. The red wine on
her breath mingled with her rose-lime scent as he licked her lower lip. “I know
how to touch you, babe, to make you beg for it and you know I can make you
scream. Play power games with me, you’ll lose. I don’t let up, ever.”
    “Neither do I,” Jocelyn spat, a glint of darkness clouding
her eyes the only hint that she was struggling to keep her will in check.
    Tightening his hold, fingers furrowed into the soft flesh of
her biceps to keep her close. “I’ve already outmaneuvered you tonight.”
    “Overconfident so early in the game? Bad move. I lost a
round, not the match.” She glared at him, those brown-black eyes had liquid
silver shooting through his veins. He wanted to be pounding the hell out of her
on the desk in the corner.
    “God, you make me so hot.” He nibbled her chin and cupped
her ass to him to let her feel the strength of his hunger.
    “Changing battle tactics? Not working.” Her hands on his
chest, she pushed back.
    “Sure it is. You’re as ramped up as I am.” His hand snaked
up under her jacket, his thumb flicked at the bullet-hard nipple. “Right now
you’re imagining how you want me to take you. I like the desk, but maybe you’d
prefer it against the wall? Hard and wild, just like you like it.” Desire
widened her eyes.
    “I don’t do relationships,” she whispered, pain crackled in
her voice as she struggled to suppress a moan from escaping.
    “So you keep selling, but I’m not buying.” He found his
advantage and he pushed it. “Mark my words. I’m going to fuck you again, here
in this office. It’ll be so damn good my name will be echoing through these
hallways, you’ll be screaming it so loud. And then I’ll make love to you, kiss
and stroke until you’re purring in my arms and begging for more.”
    Distance, she needed distance. Liquid heat drenched her silk
panties, she flamed so hot. Jared in full alpha was a sight to behold. The
sandalwood scent tickled her nose, drumming up memories of that mouth licking
her to bliss, those talented fingers… Damn.
    “No, Jared. It’s not going to

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