Night Calls the Raven (Book 2 of The Master of the Tane)

Night Calls the Raven (Book 2 of The Master of the Tane) by Thomas Rath Read Free Book Online

Book: Night Calls the Raven (Book 2 of The Master of the Tane) by Thomas Rath Read Free Book Online
Authors: Thomas Rath
know, boy,” the king replied. “I not be daft. I be talkin’ of the dagger ye lost those years back when ye and Bardolf went afield to Gildor. The dagger be found in the hands of this Waseeni caught on our borders, no doubt seekin’ more booty.” The king glared at Teek who had been following the conversation with interest and hope.
    Could this be Helgar ?
    The king continued. “The dagger be right there.” He pointed at the blade still sticking out of the stone where he’d thrown it. His son looked a little perplexed. He gave Teek a strange look and then pulled the blade free from the stone. Turning it in his hand he compared it to his other one—a perfect match. Suddenly, his eyes widened and he looked back at Teek staring hard at his face. “Ye must be Teek,” he breathed and then smiled.
    Teek nodded his head slowly. “And you are Helgar?”
    “What be goin’ on here!” the king’s voice boomed. “Ye be knowin’ this boy?”
    Teek wanted to shout, “I told you so,” but felt it better to remain silent.
    Helgar turned slowly to his father, a sheepish look on his face. “I never really said that me dagger was stolen.”
    The king threw up his hands and let out an exasperated breath. “I was jist about to take the head from this boy fer stealin’ yer dagger and now ye be tellin’ me he didn’t take it!”
    “I gave it to his mother fer helpin’ me save Bardolf’s life.”
    “What!” the king’s face fluctuated between the colors red and purple as he strained to contain the rage boiling over inside him.
    Helgar suddenly realized he had said too much and rushed on before his father could say anything else. “It was jist a scratch, Da. Nothin’ to be getting all troubled about.”
    The king exploded. His fist came down so hard on his throne Teek was sure he must have broken his hand. “Nothin’ to be troubled about?”
    “Now, Da, if ye’ll jist let me be explainin’.”
    “Enough!” the king roared. “I have heard all I be carin’ to.” Turning to Teek’s guards he growled, “Untie the boy and get ‘im somethin’ to fill ‘is belly. He’ll be stayin’ here with us fer as long as he cares to make up fer bein’ treated unjustly.” The king glared at Helgar who just bowed and shrugged. “When ye be feelin’ more like yerself,” he continued, addressing Teek, “we’ll be talkin’ again to see if we can’t be helpin’ ye with this appeasin’ journey ye be on.”
    “Thank you, Your Grace,” Teek squeaked.
    Helgar looked at him questioningly. “Appeasing journey?”
    But before Teek could answer, the guards had untied his hands and were whisking him away. Helgar stared after him as they left through the front doors this time and then disappeared.
                  “Now, me son,” his father’s voice was cold and menacing, “let’s you and me be havin’ a little chat.”
    *     *     *
    Teek sat at the window staring out on the magnificent city below while waiting for his summons from the king. When they left the throne room he was taken into the deeper interiors of the palace where he was given over to a lady dwarf whose first look made her more frightening than the guards. In fact, the guards were very anxious to be rid of him and away from Headmistress Mudrin. She commanded the palace staff and seemed rather put out to have to give up her precious time to coddle a palace guest as lowly as Teek.
    It was the first time Teek had seen a female dwarf and he could well see why they lived underground. Besides her ample bosom that seemed to gyrate with her every move, there was not much else that made it obvious that she wasn’t a man. Of course, she didn’t have as much facial hair, although there was a good amount in some places, and her nose was slightly smaller than the men, but her build was just as rock solid and stocky as any of the males he had seen thus far. Her eyes were a steel gray that flickered and cut when she was angry—which was

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