Night Flight

Night Flight by Lindsay McKenna Read Free Book Online

Book: Night Flight by Lindsay McKenna Read Free Book Online
Authors: Lindsay McKenna
eyes. “I don’t see much that’s positive about any military base.”
    “Except the children?”
    “Yes, the wives and children are the casualties. They’re worth being here for, fighting for….”
    Megan had plenty of nice qualities, Sam decided early on. There was just this one streak in her about the military that was like a raw, seeping wound that hadn’t healed yet. He could forgive her for that. God knew, he had some open and bleeding wounds himself, and remembered the death of his best friend, Russ Davis. Five months ago, Russ flew a night test with him, and everything went wrong. Sam broke out in a light sweat over those hellish memories, and he wiped his brow. He’d walked away from the crash, but Russ had died with the plane. Megan was right: the Mojave held a lot of skeletons.
    Quirking his mouth, Sam realized Megan had picked up her jeans and hiking boots and was heading for the door. As if sensing his unasked question, she turned.
    “I’m going to change and be back in a minute.”
    “I’ll wait.”
    Her heart sank. “I’d rather you didn’t.”
    “I need the exercise.”
    “I’ve never met a pilot who liked to hike.”
    “Until I came along, Red. Maybe I can be of help. Who knows?”
    With a shake of her head, Megan disappeared. In the teachers’ lounge, which was empty, she changed clothes, unhappy. Whether she liked it or not, his endearment touched her deeply. No one had called her “Red.” Maybe “Carrot Top” when she was a kid, but not Red.
    Returning to the room, Megan picked up her knapsack, notebook and pen. Sam stood expectantly, giving her a smile that sent her heart skittering.
    Megan felt heat crawling up her neck and into her face. Sam Holt was entirely too confident about himself as a man and realized his effect on her. Mouth dry, she croaked, “Follow me.”
    Sam fell in at Megan’s side and noticed the easy way she walked. They left the school and headed out back toward the desert, which wasn’t far from the asphalt parking lot. The sun was low on the horizon, the sky a light blue above and a dark gold ribbon of color along the horizon. As usual, it was a cloudless day. Edwards offered some of the finest flying conditions in the world because of the dry desert environment.
    “So what kind of hike is this going to be for your kids?”
    “A rock-hunting trip.” Megan took several samples of different stones and put them in her knapsack. “I’m interested in creating a classroom where their five senses are stimulated. Nowadays, kids are glued to their classroom computers. They lose so much that way.”
    Sam nodded thoughtfully. “Less boring if you get them outside, too. It gets them involved.”
    “Yes.” Megan tried to ignore Holt’s closeness. He picked up a few other pebbles and handed them to her. His fingers barely brushed her palm, but it sent a delightful sensation up through her arm.
    Sam studied her. He saw her subtle, feminine response to his touch in her lustrous eyes. “I don’t have any kids, but is that kind of teaching done here at Edwards?”
    “No, and I’m going to fight to get outdoor education included as part of the curriculum.” Hesitating, Megan wondered if she should talk to Sam about her problems with Jamison. Just the interest he displayed coupled with the care exuding from him made her add, “I’m already meeting resistance over my proposal.”
    Sam responded to her contralto voice lined with conviction. When she sat down in the sand and crossed her legs, the notebook balanced on her knee, he smiled openly. There was an incredible naturalness to Megan. One he applauded. He couldn’t imagine Melody Stang, the wife of chief test pilot Jack Stang, out here, much less sitting in the sand. Melody remained well-dressed and spotless no matter what the occasion. He crouched down opposite Megan. “You’re bucking the system.” In the military, that wasn’t a wise thing to do. There was chain of command, and no one in his right mind

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