Noble Blood

Noble Blood by Dana Marie Bell Read Free Book Online Page A

Book: Noble Blood by Dana Marie Bell Read Free Book Online
Authors: Dana Marie Bell
a strange sensation, something he shouldn’t be feeling. He had his mate, her glorious hair glistening in the sun streaming through the windows, her eyes glittering down at his bond brother. So why wasn’t it enough for him? Why, only now, did he know true happiness?
    He’d missed Jaden. Perhaps it had something to do with the blood bond the two of them shared. Even now Jaden kept the link restricted, kept Duncan mostly out of his mind, but not even that could dampen his pleasure at the other man’s presence.
    “We were worried about you, Fangsalot.”
    Jaden snorted, his shoulders shaking with laughter. “Fangsalot? You’ve been hanging out with Ruby, haven’t you?”
    Moira kicked his shin. “It’s not funny. Duncan and I were worried sick.”
    Duncan frowned at Moira. Admittedly, he had damn near worried himself sick but Jaden didn’t need to know that. The vampire was unreasonably protective of him, and if he found out Duncan had been unwell Jaden would be all over him.
    “Oh. Sorry to hear that.”
    Duncan blinked. The cool nonchalance in Jaden’s tone stunned him. Hurt settled deep inside him. “I’ll be fine.” He shifted in his seat. What had happened to Jaden in Vegas? He’d never been cold to Duncan before. Usually he clowned around him, trying to break through the calm façade Duncan normally wore. “We need to discuss a few things.”
    “Yeah, like a bath for me and a meal. I’m starving.” Jaden got to his feet with exquisite grace. “Let me get settled in and then we’ll talk.”
    Duncan was seriously beginning to worry. His best friend wasn’t acting like himself. Duncan prided himself on being able to read the young vampire, but today he couldn’t sense a thing. “Is everything all right?” Had Jaden been somehow hurt in Vegas? Damn it, he wished he knew what had happened out there!
    “Yeah, everything’s fine. Don’t worry, old man. I just stink.”
    A reluctant smile curled Duncan’s lips. Ever since that alley Jaden hated being dirty with a passion. He’d bathe twice a day whenever possible. “Fine. How about we meet here for a light dinner? Moira and I will fill you in on what’s been going on since you left for your…vacation.” He couldn’t keep the displeasure from his voice. “I’ll have Ian inform the kitchen of our needs.”
    Jaden grinned, but something was missing. The spark that made Jaden so much fun to be around was gone, and in its place… Duncan couldn’t quite put his finger on it, but it echoed through him down to his bones.
    There was nothing left to do but watch Jaden walk out of the room, leaving behind him one very confused, hurt and angry Sidhe Lord.
    Duncan narrowed his eyes. Something was very wrong with Jaden. His bond brother was still trying to shut him out. And Duncan was going to find out why.
    Moira watched Jaden leave the room. She could just feel the ragged edges of his emotions. The vampire was hurting just as much as she and Duncan were.
    Three’s a crowd, eh? Hmph. She crossed her arms over her breasts and thought about the conversation she’d overheard between the two men. Jaden had left to give them time to complete their mating bond, but instead of doing just that Duncan had held off, pining for Jaden.
    Yup. A tribond. If she’d had any doubt before, just seeing Duncan and Jaden in the same room removed it. It was like the dark cloud that had been hovering over her and her cranky Sidhe lord had lifted. She pictured Duncan and Jaden kissing and was surprised to find the thought didn’t bother her at all.In fact, it was a surprising turn-on, her entire body heating up at the vision of Duncan’s blond head meshed with Jaden’s dark.
    “That was unexpected.”
    She turned to her fine-looking Sidhe lord. His gaze was locked on the doorway, silver sparks dancing in their depths. Silver light danced around him, his powers leeching through his iron-willed control. Her eyebrows shot up in alarm.
    This was the most animation

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