Now and Forever

Now and Forever by April King Read Free Book Online

Book: Now and Forever by April King Read Free Book Online
Authors: April King
“Hallelujah!” Surely, that would’ve ended the date. But if the night progressed into something better, she expected to exchange multiple high-fives with Ava the following day.
    “This is my favorite place to relax,” Tanner said, casting a glance over his yard.
    “Magnificent.”   Grace observed the gleam in his eyes.
    “My landscaper deserves most of the credit. I just added a few pieces here and there.” He shrugged, modestly.
    “You both did one helluva job.”   She said, emphatically. “Your grandparents would’ve been proud.”
    He gazed at her with gratitude and longing.
    Grace shivered. His eyes were liquid fire. His look emitted a heat, which melted her. Tanner’s desire was bare and powerful. It beckoned her. She longed to respond. Every inch of her body was ablaze with a fierce need to feast upon his lips, his neck, his thighs. And have him return the favor, especially, at the gulf between her legs. She struggled to govern the lustful beast consuming her. But it lurked within her liberally, refusing to be consumed. Such a strong emotion confounded her. She sensed that Tanner could master the rebellious, savage beast raging inside her with a stroke of his hand. A kiss from his lips would appease its appetite, restoring order and decorum.
    The look in his eyes told Grace that he’d been reading her mind. From the sultry glare he planted on her, she realized it was only a matter of time before he made her body explode with extreme pleasure.
    The promise of sexual healing caused some of the tension to leave her body.
    He stepped to her. So close. Thigh to thigh. Hip to hip. His scent washed over her, resurrecting the memory of their first kiss. She absorbed his masculine scent and the recollection of his strong arms embracing her. His skilled hands had tenderly caressed her skin. Masterfully, he had controlled her mouth with intoxicating kisses. Her head had reeled from the pressure his tongue exerted upon hers. The memory of their first sweet encounter was enough to leave her breathless. Tanner tucked a finger beneath her chin. Slowly, he tilted her face towards his. In a husky voice, he said, “Tonight, I only want to concentrate on you.”
    Grace blinked. She didn’t know how to respond to his sensuous admission. Finally, she said, “I’m flattered.”
    Tanner’s lips curled into a devilish grin. “I’m not trying to flatter you. My intent is to wine and dine you, until you’re wrapped around my finger. I want you to quiver each time you think of me.”
    Grace lifted a brow. “Is that so? You’re shameless, Mr. McGregor.”
    He lowered his voice. “You have no idea.”
    Actually, she had a good idea. She’d already succumbed to his magic on previous occasions. He had her spellbound—mentally and physically. But he didn’t know that she, too, had tricks up her sleeve. There were several ways she could make him proud to be man. “Can I return the favor?”
    Tanner folded his arms over his chest. He met her eyes with a stern gaze. “I forbid you to do anything, except sit back, relax, and enjoy yourself.”
    Damn, the man made submission sound sexy . She cleared her throat. “I don’t usually go for the “you-Jane-me-Tarzan” type. But since I’ll try anything once, let’s get this show on the road,” she said, striking a sassy pose. A hint of mischief danced in her eyes.
    In response, Tanner clapped his hands and rubbed them together. “Woman, you ain’t seen nothing .”
    Grace feigned shock. Her hand flew to her heart. “Why, good doctor, who knew such common language could come from such an eloquent man?”
    He lifted a brow. A sly grin crossed his lips. “Madame, I must have acquired this habit from one of my friends in low places.”
    The true meaning of his statement didn’t escape her. Implying he had a bit of a bad boy in him, left Grace pleasantly surprised. And extremely turned on. After all, he carried himself so well. From his crisp white button

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