Omega Force 01- Storm Force

Omega Force 01- Storm Force by Susannah Sandlin Read Free Book Online

Book: Omega Force 01- Storm Force by Susannah Sandlin Read Free Book Online
Authors: Susannah Sandlin
door and shutting her outside.
    Michael hadn’t just implicated Mori in the bombing. Celia had implied that he had caused the bombing and her parents had known.
    The little car bounced along the road beneath the canopy of oaks, but at the end of the drive, instead of turning left toward the freeway to take her back to town, Mori steered the car right, driving in a daze. After a couple of miles, surrounded by open land and occasional clusters of trees, she pulled far enough off the road that she could camouflage her car behind a stand of trees grown scrawny by the hot summer and the ongoing drought.
    The waning half moon cast a dim light over the scrub-covered land around her. Mori pulled her T-shirt over her head and shimmied out of her track shorts, then her bra and panties, folding them and nestling them beneath the prickly branches of a mesquite bush about ten yards from the car.
    She raised her head to pull in a deep lungful of air, felt the ancient blood within her stir, and began to run.

    Kell pulled the Terminator out of his apartment parking lot promptly at 7:00 a.m., hoping to get to the Co-Op offices early enough to catch Mori alone, without Taylor Stedman as a nosy chaperone. He had plenty of time to plan his strategy as the traffic crawled along Westheimer toward the city.
    Homeland Security would be watching the Co-Op offices and Mori herself, but as far as Kell knew, they hadn’t obtained a warrant to search the building. He had no doubt they were working on it. So Kell’s Plan B was to search every nook, cranny, and pigeonhole of the place before anyone else got to it.
    He had devised a Plan A, in case Mori had already arrived. He’d get to know his suspect better, discover her hot buttons (the ones that didn’t involve Louisiana black bears), figure out what drove her, earn her trust. He’d chosen his most nonthreatening, all-American clothes this morning, hoping to look less military and more like a regular guy: his LSU T-shirt, jeans, and running shoes instead of boots.
    Mori’s personal life was a mystery, other than the tidbits she’d dropped on the way back from the FBI offices. She struck him as a loner. No one had come to pick her up when she’d been released. Not her parents. Nobody. Something odd was going on with that. She was pretty. Hell, more than pretty, not that he had any business noticing. She seemed to have a good sense of humor, at least from the glimmers he’d seen in the middle of what had to be monumental stress. Why would a woman like that be so alone? Especially yesterday. When he’d gone home and reread her files, he realized it had been her twenty-fifth birthday.
    Something was seriously wrong with the surface picture of Mori Chastaine.
    The files compiled on her by the colonel had little information other than that she had lived in Texas all her life, was an only child, and had never been married. No known boyfriends. No close friends, period.
    He needed to be her friend. Then he could either stop her or save her.
    As he turned on Montrose, he saw he’d have no luck with either Plans A or B. When he eased the Terminator into the Co-Op parking lot, Mori’s little hybrid was nowhere to be found, but Taylor’s vintage Ford pickup took up two spaces in front of the entrance. Not only because it was that big, but because he’d done a shit job of parking.
    Kell didn’t like Taylor Stedman, thought he was pursuing his own agenda rather than acting as Mori’s second-in-command. The man might not have done anything criminal, but he wasn’t loyal to his employer, and loyalty filled up page one of the Jack Kellison Book of Virtues.
    Of course, working undercover to gain a woman’s trust and then betraying her for the greater good fell into a gray area he didn’t want to think about too deeply.
    That he was judging Taylor for not being loyal to a suspected terrorist was something Kell didn’t want to ruminate on too long, either, because then he’d have to openly

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