Omega Plague: Collapse

Omega Plague: Collapse by P.R. Principe Read Free Book Online Page A

Book: Omega Plague: Collapse by P.R. Principe Read Free Book Online
Authors: P.R. Principe
    “That’s enough talk, Bruno.” Veri patted him on the
shoulder. “You did fuck up. But you’re a good officer, Bruno. Now don’t
ever bring this up again, understand?”
    Before Bruno could react, Veri walked off, leaving Bruno
alone with his thoughts in the cool air.
    Bruno knew he should just leave, let it go; but something
made him go back inside Headquarters. He had unfinished business. After calling
in some favors and telling a few more lies, Bruno got permission to go down to
the holding cell.
    Bruno found the bald man standing alone with his back to the
cell doors. Bruno studied him through the bars. The dark tattoo looked almost
three dimensional in the fluorescent light. Bruno donned his mask. Although
Bruno could tell the bald man had heard him talk to the guard just outside the
anteroom to the cell, the man continued to stare at the wall, not acknowledging
anyone else. The four other men in the cell also ignored Bruno’s presence,
remaining on the bench, talking in low whispers to one another.
    Bruno stared into the cell. Then he spoke. “I think I
recognize your tattoo. It’s a double-headed eagle, no?”
    Without turning around the man replied, in perfect
TV-announcer Italian, “Yes—from the Serbian flag.”
    Bruno nodded. “I’ve read your file. I have one question. Why?
Why the Camorra? Why get involved with that lot?”
    The bald man laughed softly. Then he turned and strode up to
the cell door and stared at Bruno across the bars, black eyes burning. “They’re
my family,” the man stated. Bruno stood nearly eye-to-eye with him, but the
bald man’s bulk made Bruno happy a cell door stood between them.
    Bruno’s words, though, betrayed no such fears. “Family?”
said Bruno. “Your mother was from Naples, but your father was Serbian. You were
born and raised here I know, but that wouldn’t matter to the Camorra, now would
it? You must know that to them, in the end, you’ll always be Il Serbo. Isn’t
that what they call you?” Bruno smirked. “Definitely limits chances for
advancement, doesn’t it?”
    “Tell me something,” said Il Serbo, cocking his head to one
side. “Did that other pig cop lie like you did about killing my brother? Did
that other pig cop lie to save your ass?”
    Bruno paused before he spoke. He ignored Il Serbo’s
question. “I also read your brother’s file. He spent time in jail for armed
robbery and multiple assaults. He nearly got charged in the killing of a rival
boss in another clan and the rape of the dead man’s wife.” Bruno shook his
head. “But she was so scared to say what happened that he got away with it. So,
you’ll forgive me if I don’t shed any tears that I had to shoot him during a
raid. I can’t think of anyone who deserved it more.” Bruno smiled. “Except
maybe you—but you must be the smart one, right? You didn’t try to grab anyone’s
weapon . . . like your brother did.”
    Il Serbo took one step closer to the cell door. “You lying
piece of filth!” Grasping the bars with both hands, he growled, “You think you
know a lot about me, don’t you? Well, let me tell you something else—something
that’s not written down.” He paused, then looked all around as he spoke. “All
this—you see all this? This is coming to an end soon, very soon, and when it
does, Signor Ricasso da Capri, I assure you I will come for you on your pretty
little island, you murdering little shit-sack, and I’ll tear your liver out.”
    Even through the mask, Bruno felt as if the other man’s hot
breath shrouded his face. Bruno shifted his weight back.
    Il Serbo laughed. “What’s the matter? Scared? Are you
surprised I know your name?” His voice dropped again. “Yes, I know you’re on
Capri—our clan has good ears.” He glanced around at his cellmates. “Oh yes,
even in this shit-hole. But don’t worry, you’ve got time. I’m going to gut that
old bastard that lied about what happened first. Then it will be your

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