One Final Night

One Final Night by Scarlett Rush Read Free Book Online

Book: One Final Night by Scarlett Rush Read Free Book Online
Authors: Scarlett Rush
will come to you as they are. Any ladies will be allowed to use the next room to prepare before entering by the adjoining door. That is the only thing you will be able to gauge about the occupants: whether they are male or female, dependant on which door they come through.’
    I was already shaking. Even though he had intimated before it would be “as many as it takes to give you the perfect night of bliss”, and with all these handsome men on show, I hadn’t dared imagine that I was to be the focus of their rudeness, let alone that some of those buxom beauties might want to use me too. I wanted to snatch another look at the crowd. I needed to get better details, to study the women as well as the men so that I would know who came to me in the darkness. I made to slide the wood away from the holes, but he put his hand out to stop me.
    ‘It is time to get ready now,’ he said gently.
    The shivering wouldn’t stop, from nerves as well as expectation. The prospect was enchanting, but it couldn’t stop the stage fright.
    ‘Won’t they want to know of my looks before they use me?’ I whispered.
    ‘They will know enough. They will feel that your skin is smooth and flawless and the flesh beneath it firm with youth. They will feel the softness of your hair splayed out upon the pillow. They will smell your sweet scent. They will form their own image; they won’t need any more. I could give this same treat to the plainest of my maids and she would feel exactly the same joy as you. Tonight is about being whoever you want to be, of doing whatever you want without having to feel even a second of guilt or shame about it afterwards. Tonight is about breaking barriers, about freedom of expression. It is time to be yourself at last.’
    Before, it had all been speculation and fantasy, but now it was real and the enormity of it was seeping into my body.
    ‘Will David come? Will the Comtesse?’ I asked.
    ‘Rest assured, ma chérie , whoever you want to come, will come.’
    It was comforting to hear him use that name again.
    ‘But you will come, won’t you?’
    He just shrugged and smiled.
    ‘I will certainly know where to find you,’ he said.
    And that was all I got from him. I didn’t even know if I would ever see him again.
    Patrick took my hand and led me back down the steps and away. My emotions were tumbling; I could barely focus on my way through the maze of secret passageways. I felt Patrick’s hand at the small of my back, guiding me. His familiarity suddenly sent a rush of adrenaline through my body. Was he going to come to me? Was I going to have to take that huge thing inside me? Was I to be helplessly fucked by this very man, who even now was under orders to be at my beck and call? Even if his master hasn’t given him leave to do so, who would stop him from slipping into me under the cover of darkness?
    On one hand I feel like a lottery winner, on the other I’m like the accused, waiting at the gallows. It would have been so much easier if I hadn’t known of my fate and hadn’t had to picture it for the last two hours. He assigned me a maid to help me prepare. Once in my changing room the door was locked behind me and the maid guided me to a chair, hustling around to get me settled and bring the food that had been prepared for my supper. I could barely eat a thing.
    She was a petite, pretty little thing, the maid. I wondered if he actually even employed any plain maids – I was certainly yet to see one. I wondered how she would cope, that tiny body, with all those men coming to her. Would she feel the same joy as me, as he claimed? I almost asked her out loud what she thought about a group of dashing army officers, the very kind found so regularly in fantasies – and not just one of them but as many as it takes  – all there in leather boots and tight bright uniforms, all taking out their weapons to use on you over and over again. I was almost halfway through my bath before I could even gain a semblance

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