One Last Shot (Cupid's Conquests)

One Last Shot (Cupid's Conquests) by Danielle La Paglia Read Free Book Online

Book: One Last Shot (Cupid's Conquests) by Danielle La Paglia Read Free Book Online
Authors: Danielle La Paglia
turned back to Seth. “He looked down my shirt, commented on my tits, and called me a whore.”
    Justin mumbled, “Fucking asshole,” but from the smirk on Shelby ’s face, she must have heard him.
    “ You can’t arrest her if she was defending herself ,” John said from the back.
    “I still need you to come in and give a statement.”
    “Look, Seth … ” Justin put a hand on his shoulder and walked him over to the bar, giving them the illusion of privacy . “Let me talk to my brother. You know damn well how much they hate each other. This is a pride thing . I t doesn’t have to be a legal thing. I’ll get him to drop the charges. And Shelby won’t bother with charges if this is dropped. She already humiliated him. ”
    “And if he doesn’t drop it ?”
    “Then I’ll personally drive Shelby to the station to give a statement .”
    Seth rubbed a hand across his chin and nodded. “Yeah, all right, but if he doesn’t call the station to drop the charges by the time my shift starts tomorrow, I’ll be right back down here to haul her in.”
    “Fair enough, but if it comes to that, you better bring something bigger than that to help you.” Justin nodded to Seth’s scrawny partner.
    “No shit. I’ll bring my T aser and riot gear.” It would have been funny if the look in Seth’s eye wasn’t dead serious. Shelby had earned her reputation a long time ago and there were few men in this town who would cross her.
    Seth shook Justin’s hand then nodded to his partner who followed him out of the bar. Shelby took down the last chair then gr abbed a tray of salt and pepper shakers. She wove in and out of the table s , delivering a pair to each then moving on. Justin ’ s eyes followed her as she leaned in to the center of each table. His palm tingled remembering the feel of her curves beneath his hands the night before. Lust warmed his skin chased by a shot of anger at the thought of his brother disrespecting her. Shelby was quick with her fists, but rarely without cause. The strain in her neck and stiffness in her shoulders had to be more than her regretting the night before. Whatever it was, he’d find out. After he talked to Billy.
    Justin pulled into Billy’s driveway . H is brother’s black Mercedes shone like obsidian in the afternoon sun. His long strides took the steps two at a time and he let himself in without knocking. Billy sat on a leather couch, collar unbuttoned, blossoms of red dotting his shirt , an ice pack resting on his face.
    “ Sandy , get me a gin and tonic and get Seth Martin on the phone. I want to know...” His voice trailed off when he glanced to the side and saw Justin standing at the end of the sofa instead of his girlfriend .
    “What happened to your face?” Justin asked.
    “That bitch Shelby Stephens, that’s what.”
    “You wanna try that again ? ” Justin stepped closer, fingers twitching at his sides.
    “She broke my fucking nose. What do you want me to call her? A fair y fucking princess?”
    “Yeah, well it looks like that bitch kicked your ass. What the fuck happened?”
    “I’m the one with a busted face. Why don’t you ask her what happened? ” Billy crossed the room to a bar in the corner a nd poured a gin and tonic and a whisky. Justin took in the damage—bands of purple stretched beneath each of his brother’s eye s , fading into the swollen mess of his nose.
    “She walked into the bank, hit you, and walked back out, for no other reason tha n to watch you bleed all over your three hundred dollar shirt?”
    “Jesus, Justin , are you still hung up on her ?” Billy held the whisky out to Justin who made no attempt to reach for it. “Suit yourself,” he said, setting the high ball on the granite coffee table then dropping back onto the sofa. “It’s been, what? Eight, ten years? Move on.”
    “This isn’t about me.”
    “No? Then why are you here? After everything we did to protect you from her, the first thing you do when you get injured is

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