Ouroboros 2: Before
didn’t say anything. Instead, he regarded his scanner again. ‘Hey, if we’re lucky, maybe we don’t even have to go into town. I mean, the bridge could be anywhere, right?’
    He was clearly trying to cheer her up, and she offered him a smile, even though she didn’t exactly feel any better.
    ‘ Speaking of which, how are we going to know when or if we find a bridge between dimensions? I mean, is it going to be obvious? Is it going to be like that time gate? Is everything going to be floating around it?’ Carson asked again.
    It wasn’t the first time he had voiced this question. If their whole mission to the past was to find a dimensional bridge, then they jolly well had to know how to identify one.
    But the problem was, no matter how many times Carson questioned her, she didn’t have an answer for him.
    The entity was too tired to tell her anything, and would only communicate with her or through her when it absolutely had to. Apart from that, it appeared that Nida and Carson were on their own.
    She smiled at him glumly, and it caused him to sigh loudly and heavily.
    ‘ Great, I don’t know what I’m looking for, have no idea whether it’s even in this time zone, and we have no idea whether running the risk of going to that city is worth it.’
    She wanted to reach a hand out and pat his shoulder, but she restrained herself.
    He always looked strangely intense whenever she touched him. Or, rather, she always felt strangely intense whenever she touched him.
    Which was stupid, when she paused to think about it. She had already told Alicia that she wasn’t interested in a man like Carson Blake. And, to be perfectly honest with herself, she had to admit that a man like Carson Blake would never, ever be interested in somebody like her. He needed a woman who was as determined and capable as he was. He wouldn’t want somebody he had to pick off the floor every time she tripped over her feet, and neither could he possibly harbor romantic intentions for the worst recruit in 1000 years.
    Realizing she was distracting herself yet again, she shook her head.
    ‘ Right, in the absence of all other information, I guess we should . . . at least head to that city to check it out. We can be discreet.’ Carson furrowed his brow with determination, but his lips were still drawn thin with worry. Both moves cancelled each other out, and simply left him seeming unsure of himself. Then his eyes sparked with a sudden realization. ‘We should also try to find out and amass as much information about the Vex as we can. I mean, the entity said that this planet is very close to its dimension. It said the space and time around here are affected by that proximity,’ he brought his free hand up to gesture to the rolling meadow and the dust above. ‘If that’s the case, then maybe the Vex have noticed this,’ his voice became hesitant as he clearly tried to describe a complex concept, ‘I mean, if your planet sat on the edge of a dimensional rift, I’m sure somebody would eventually notice something strange.’
    ‘ What are you saying?’
    ‘ I’m saying, that, just maybe, the Vex know more about the dimensional bridge and the time gates than we do.’
    ‘ You mean, you think they know where the other time gates are?’ Her eyebrows crumpled in disbelief.
    ‘ I’m saying they could, and even if they don’t know where exactly, I’m saying we can amass as much as they do know, and go through it ourselves. We can’t discount the collective observations of the people of this planet, both in the present and the past. They’ve been living on this planet for god knows how long, and we need to take their observations and experiences into account. It will help us to develop a more complex model of what the dimensional rift looks like. And if we can build up enough information, we might be able to make predictions about where the bridge has moved to.’
    It sounded logical . . . but it also sounded flimsy. She didn’t want

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