Out of the Dark (The Brethren Series)

Out of the Dark (The Brethren Series) by Sara Reinke Read Free Book Online

Book: Out of the Dark (The Brethren Series) by Sara Reinke Read Free Book Online
Authors: Sara Reinke
walked toward her, she shied back a step, her eyes round and wary. “Is Michel alright? Did…did they catch the one who…?”
    “Michel’s been shot,” Naima said flatly, brushing past Tessa and stepping through the sliding glass patio door. A small, tended fire had been left to smolder in the creek stone fireplace, and the interior of the cottage was thick with heady warmth. “He’s in surgery now.”
    “But yes, darling, they caught the man who shot him,” Eleanor added swiftly, sweeping an arm about her granddaughter and ushering her into the house.
    “It was one of the Davenants, wasn’t it?” Tessa asked. “You told me the one who hurt Tristan and Mason, he’d been here in the woods, at the compound. They know where we are. They know how to find us now.”
    “ They think it was one of the Davenants, yes,” Eleanor said. “But they caught him. There’s nothing more to fear.”
    Tessa shrugged away from Eleanor’s embrace, her brows narrowing. “There could be more of them out there,” she said. “Plenty more! And plenty more besides that on their way as we speak. ” She was worried about her baby. She’d been married to Martin Davenant, one of Aaron’s nephews. Martin was dead now, but that didn’t mean Lamar wouldn’t still want his unborn heir. Naima knew this. And judging by the glossy fright she could see in Tessa’s eyes, could feel radiating off the girl in veritable waves, Tessa knew it, too. “You don’t know them. You don’t know how they are, how they think…”
    “I do,” Naima said, and even though Tessa knew nothing of her past, her own encounters with the Davenant clan, there must have been something fierce enough in her face, blunt enough in her gaze, to draw the younger woman to abrupt, gulping silence.
    “Naima, stop,” Eleanor said, holding out her hands as if she felt she had to physically separate them. “ Both of you. Please. Let’s just sit. There’s already been enough—”
    “No. Tessa’s right,” Naima said, and she damn near kicked herself mentally in the ass for not having considered it sooner. She’d been so bewildered, so shocked and upset at Aaron’s presence, she’d forgotten common sense, the instincts upon which she ordinarily relied. “There could be more of them out there.” She nodded once, indicating beyond the windows, the dark-draped forest. “I need to scout the woods and see.”
    “Auguste can do that,” Eleanor said.
    “Not on his own, he can’t. There’s too much ground to cover. And he doesn’t know these hills like I do. I can do it in half the time it would take him.”
    Eleanor frowned, her eyes flashing hotly. She opened her mouth to argue some more, but apparently couldn’t think of anything to say. Because I’m right, and you know it, Naima thought, folding her arms across her chest in feigned patience.
    “Call him and tell him to scope out the southern slope, down to Emerald Bay,” she told Eleanor. “I’ll take the north, then work my way down from there to meet him.”
    It would be good, she told herself. Good to have something else to focus her attention on, target her mind toward. Something to distract me, she thought. From my memories, from the past…God help me, from the man in that medical clinic less than five miles from where I’m standing.
    “You’re a real nowhere man, aren’t you, salaud?” Rene snarled, clamping his hand against Aaron’s chin, forcing his head back. “No name. No identification. Hell, boy, you don’t even have much by way of a face left going for you, from the looks of things.”
    Brows furrowed deeply, Rene leaned close to Aaron, crushing his jaw in his hand. “You aren’t fooling anyone. You got the Davenant stink all over you. You feel like a big man now, trying to carve up a bedridden kid? That’s how you Davenants work it, no? You like going after anyone weaker than you are—Tristan while he’s on the mend, or the women and wives you beat

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