Party Poopers

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Book: Party Poopers by R.L. Stine Read Free Book Online
Authors: R.L. Stine
“This is the most awesome party!” she gushed. “I can’t believe we get to do this ALL NIGHT!”
    â€œMy money…” I muttered. “My money…I’m broke…. I’m busted….”

    The disgusting, brown water was caked in my hair. It oozed down my face. I blinked. Someone wasshining a light into my eyes.
    I glanced up at the bridge—and saw Belzer holding a flashlight.
    He grinned down at me. “Bernie, I saved one!” he called. “Can I keep it?”

About the Author
    R.L. Stine graduated from Rotten School with a solid D+ average, which put him at the top of his class. He says that his favorite activities at school were Scratching Body Parts and Making Armpit Noises.
    In sixth grade, R.L. won the school Athletic Award for his performance in the Wedgie Championships. Unfortunately, after the tournament, his underpants had to be surgically removed.
    After graduation, R.L. became well known for writing scary book series such as The Nightmare Room, Fear Street, Goosebumps, and Mostly Ghostly, and a short story collection called Beware!
    Today, R.L. lives in New York City, where he is busy writing stories about his school days.
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