Pas de Deux: Part Two (A Cross and Pointe Novel Book 2)

Pas de Deux: Part Two (A Cross and Pointe Novel Book 2) by Wynter S.K. Read Free Book Online

Book: Pas de Deux: Part Two (A Cross and Pointe Novel Book 2) by Wynter S.K. Read Free Book Online
Authors: Wynter S.K.
scanning each page. He could practically feel impatience radiating off her and lifted his eyes to her.
    “Doin' all right over there?”
    “What's all that?”
    “None of your business,” he teased.
    She narrowed her eyes playfully then shrugged. “You're probably right. I'm nosy.”
    “Just teasin', beautiful.” Cillian held up the sheets. “This is my fight contract and my schedule for the weekend.”
    “So, you're all set, then.”
    “Sorta. Just wondering if I'll have some company or not.” He lifted a brow at her and smiled.
    Sammi rolled her eyes. “About that. Um. Well, I do want to go with you. But my father insists on speaking to you first.” She waved her hand as if to ward off his unspoken protests. “I know, I know. I'm twenty-six. But you don't understand. My dad's Sicilian. He's extremely overprotective. I don't think that'll ever change, no matter how old I am. He—”
    Cillian lifted a hand. “Sammi, it's cool. I absolutely intend to speak to your father.”
    “Of course. I know your family is protective of you and just wants to make sure you'll be okay. If I had a daughter, I'd insist on the same thing.” He shrugged, then chuckled. “Hell, I probably wouldn't let her go at all.”
    The corner of her mouth curved up. “I don't think he's that bad.”
    “Other than that, what're your thoughts about it?”
    “I'm a little nervous.” She perched on the desk next to him. “I haven't been anywhere near the state of New York since I left—obviously, bad memories there. And, what you said this morning is sort of true. Big crowds, amped up people tend to make me uncomfortable.”
    Cillian rose from the desk and turned toward her, taking her hands in his. “If you don't believe anything else I say, believe me when I tell you that you're safe with me.”
    “I am?” She smiled, her eyes soft, hopeful.
    He used his index finger to gently tilt her chin up. “I will not allow anything bad to happen to you as long as I'm around. Okay?”
    “Roger that,” she said quietly, and he smiled, leaning in to kiss her dimple.
    “Now, will you let me eat in peace?” he joked, reaching for the bag. She closed her hand around the top of it before he could grab it.
    “Not so fast. You take me to my mug, and you get to eat.”
    “Your mug's at my place. I told you this.”
    “Then I guess you'd better take me home.” She glanced up at him from beneath her lashes.
    He sucked in a breath, feeling another flash of heat. Whoa. What sandwich?
    She glanced around at his neat-as-a-pin desk. “I think your work here is done, anyway. Don't you?”
    “It's never done. But I don't have any evening appointments, and my training is done for today.” He shook his head, smirking. “You're bad for my work ethic, beautiful.”
    Sammi shrugged and let go of the sack. “Okay. I'll get outta your hair, then.”
    She started to stride past him for the door, but he laughed and grabbed her arm as she passed. He pulled her against his body and brought his face to hers.
    “No, you won't. Not until I say so.”
    “It's cute when you think you're in charge.” Sammi grinned and tilted her head, her lips an invitation. Just as he leaned in, she turned her face away. “Mug first.”
    “To hell with that mug,” he muttered, leaning toward her again. She shook her head and he sighed, releasing her. “All right. Fine. Let's go.”
    Sammi grinned and snatched the sack from his desk. She followed him out of the office as he locked up. Cillian casually slid an arm around her waist, pulling her in close.
    “You out, boss?” Baz asked when they passed.
    “Yeah. And, hey—thanks for opening up early for me today. I owe you.”
    “No problem. I'll just take a big, fat bonus at the end of the month.”
    “Late this morning, were we?” Sammi exclaimed as they stepped outside. “And you call yourself a manager.”
    Cillian smirked, reaching out to open the truck door for her. “Wasn't my fault. This crazy

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