Pennyroyal Christmas (A Ruthorford Holiday Story Book 1)

Pennyroyal Christmas (A Ruthorford Holiday Story Book 1) by Shanon Grey Read Free Book Online

Book: Pennyroyal Christmas (A Ruthorford Holiday Story Book 1) by Shanon Grey Read Free Book Online
Authors: Shanon Grey
Tags: Romance
overflowing and seats found, a hush came over the B & B as a tall thin man stood and gave thanks for the bounty and the friendship. He ended with “may our unity always overcome adversity and give us peace and light.” It ended with a resounding “Amen.” Then, joyful chaos reigned. Kat couldn’t remember when she’d eaten so much or laughed so hard.
    They were perusing the dessert tables when Brenda approached with Teresa. Teresa spoke, “You’ve met Brenda Garrett,” she said.
    “Yes. I have,” she told Teresa and turned to Brenda, “Thanks for all your help.”
    “No problem. Anytime,” Brenda replied as Rowe leaned over and placed a loud, friendly kiss on her cheek.
    “I love this woman,” he announced. “Seriously. I asked her to marry me.”
    Brenda swatted at him and winked at Kat. “He was all of eleven, but he had good taste then, too.”
    “You were my first rejection.” He placed his hand over his heart.
    “Probably your only rejection,” she teased.
    Kat laughed.
    Someone motioned to Teresa, holding up a phone. “If you’ll excuse me.”
    “How are you settling in?” Brenda asked.
    “Very well. Thanks.” She studied the older woman. There was something nagging at her brain, but for the life of her she couldn’t finger it.
    Brenda looked at her with twinkling eyes. “Are you going to join us in our traditional Ruthorford Black Friday?”
    Kat turned to Rowe.
    He jumped in to explain. “It’s a tradition here in Ruthorford to open all the shops extra early on the Friday after Thanksgiving. Everyone comes in and shops ‘til they drop, finishing with holiday cheer served here at the B & B. I figured with you leaving town tomorrow….” He looked a little uncomfortable.
    “Oh?” Brenda tilted her head and looked at Kat.
    “I’m sorry. I’ve already arranged to fly up to Virginia tomorrow. It sounds wonderful. If I’d known…. do you think there’ll be anything left when I get back?”
    “I’m sure,” Brenda said, then added, “if you don’t stay away too long.”
    Kat knew Brenda was fishing and granted the woman her due, “I should be back sometime the beginning of the week.”
    “Oh, good. Excellent. Now, I think I’ll go get some of Miss Grace’s pumpkin pie.”
    “Rowe,” Kat said, looking at her watch, “I really do need to get home and pack.”
    “Let’s find Teresa, then.”
    By the time they’d made their way out of the building, Rowe was carrying a bag of goodies for later. It took almost twenty minutes just to say goodbye. Her trip plans had already circulated and she was wished well on her travel and asked if there was anything anyone could put aside or purchase for her in her stead. She figured she was going to be inundated with Ruthorford memorabilia when she returned.
    They strolled to Rowe’s truck, her arm tucked in his. “Take a good look around,” he said. “When you return all this will be gone and the Christmas season will have arrived.”
    “You’re kidding.” She couldn’t help but take in all the fall decorations. Even the fountains were surrounded with flowers bright in oranges, golds, reds, and purples. “That’s a shame. This is so beautiful.”
    “You just wait. Christmas in Ruthorford is like nothing you’ve ever seen. It will get colder day by day and we’ll have some sort of white stuff on or around Christmas.”
    Kat’s mouth hung open. “Snow?”
    “No joke,” he said and handed her into the truck.
    The flight to Virginia was uneventful. Unfortunately, that seemed to be where Kat’s luck ended. She had been specific when she’d arranged to rent a large SUV or van at the airport—something she could load up and drive back to Georgia herself. Kat was not thrilled with the small sedan she was driving, but it was all they had, thanks to someone screwing up the instructions. Now, she’d have to arrange for someone to move whatever she chose—not that she anticipated choosing much, just something to remember

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