Penthouse of pleasure - uncertain desire (German Edition)

Penthouse of pleasure - uncertain desire (German Edition) by A.J. Blue Read Free Book Online

Book: Penthouse of pleasure - uncertain desire (German Edition) by A.J. Blue Read Free Book Online
Authors: A.J. Blue
for a sweet little old lady than a man-eating witch. I can’t wait to see what the slut looks like.
    We open the gate and step onto the small front yard. Dressed as we are, Liam and I look totally out of place. As if we’d just been beamed onto a lower middle class property from some VIP event. The waiting limousine only adds to the impression. I ask myself what Andrew’s doing here. I could easily imagine living in a house like this, but for Andrew the suburbs had never been an option. Who would have thought that he’d exchange his posh apartment for this. But he’s presumably just waiting for me to be gone to convince his girlfriend to move back to the city with him. I, in her position, wouldn’t do it. Especially with a baby on the way. Andrew’s apartment isn‘t exactly child friendly.
    “Kate?” Liam’s voice tears me away from my thoughts.
    “Sorry, what?”
    “Aren’t you going to ring the bell?“
    I feel a little adrenalin rush. It’s show time! I’m very tempted to run back to the limo and the only thing stopping me is Liam’s hand holding mine. 
    I take a deep breath and extract Andrew’s keys from my purse. Then I press the bell with the label A. Potter. For a second I hope that nobody’s in when the door suddenly opens. 
    “Yes, what can I do for you?”
    We’re staring at a small, brunette women with wild curly hair and freckles. She’s wearing denim dungarees with a striped top under it. Quite cute, but certainly not sexy.  She looks like someone who spends a lot of time in the garden, owns at least six cats, drinks gallons of herbal tea and favors biodiversity. Is that supposed to be Andrew’s new girlfriend? She doesn’t suit him at all.
    “Hi, I’m Katherine Thompson. Is Andrew in?” I enquire, desperately trying to keep calm.
    The woman raises her eyebrows. “What is it you want from Andrew?” she asks. But before I can answer her the monster himself suddenly appears.
    “Kate!” Andrew gasps. His eyes move from me to Liam, then to my outfit and eventually take in the waiting limousine. I silently thank Liam. Andrew is confused enough to stutter: “Wh... what are you doing here?”
    I hold up the keys. “I’ve still got something belonging to you!”
    Andrew seems shocked. All the color has drained from his face and beads of perspiration start showing on his forehead. He’s desperately trying to get rid of dungarees woman when he says to her: “Go back inside, Anne. I’ll be right back!”
    But Anne has no intention of following his instructions. She folds her arms over her chest and looks at me defiantly. “Who are you?” she wants to know. I’m suddenly struck by the thought that Andrew hasn’t told her about me at all. Could he really be that shameless? I look at Liam who nods at me encouragingly. So I take a deep breath and say: “Up to a few days ago Andrew and I were a couple, but I’m sure you know that anyway.”
    Anne looks absolutely stunned. “What!?”
    I ignore her and turn to Andrew: “Know what, sugar,” I chirp. “You couldn’t have done me a bigger favor than sacking me and sending me that note to tell me it’s all over between us.”
    I point at Liam. “We’ve been an item for a few months. I just hadn’t mentioned it because I didn’t know how to let you down easy. But, hey, you made it easy for me!”
    I stand on tippy toes and kiss Liam who responds with a grin and proprietarily puts his hand on my behind. “Come on, darling,” he says. “Just give him the keys. We don’t want to be late for the gala.”
    If Andrew wasn’t such a jerk, I’d nearly feel sorry for him. The color of his face quickly changes from red to white and back. I’ve rarely seen him this lost for words. I give him the keys and turn to Anne with the words: “Good luck with the baby. God knows it will need it with a father like that!” Liam puts his arm around my waist and we retreat together.
    “What the hell was that all about, Andrew?” I can

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