Perfectly Toxic (The Sterling Shore Series Book 9)

Perfectly Toxic (The Sterling Shore Series Book 9) by C.M. Owens Read Free Book Online

Book: Perfectly Toxic (The Sterling Shore Series Book 9) by C.M. Owens Read Free Book Online
Authors: C.M. Owens
Allie blowjob lessons on a banana,” Wren says through his chuckles, wiping his eyes when tears form. “Angel startled her, and she ended up choking on the banana. Allie had to give her the Heimlich.”
    My anger vanishes completely, and I can’t stop myself from laughing. The mental image is arousing and hilarious at the same time, a combination I’ve never dealt with before.
    “Oh, there’s so much more to tell,” Maverick goes on, and somehow poker night turns into Bella night.
    It’s like she’s everywhere.

Chapter 8
    I’ve ignored the texts from Ethan for the past three days. But he hasn’t stopped sending them.
    ETHAN: That party is tonight. You coming?
    ETHAN: You missed my party. I guess you owe me something special to make up for it.
    ETHAN: Why does it feel like you’re ignoring me?
    ETHAN: Don’t make me find you, Bella. You embarrass too easily…
    Ignoring his last warning that came a few minutes ago, I put my phone away before clocking out for the day. I board the elevator, riding up to the children’s ward, and step off the second the doors open.
    I haven’t been in the mood to play games with Ethan. Especially since I don’t want to be playing games at all. I want someone serious. Ethan is a frat boy in a man’s body.
    Taking a deep breath, all thoughts of Ethan vanish, and I walk into a room where my favorite patient beams up at me. Even though he’s not actually my patient.
    “Bella! You came!” Daniel says, smiling as I come to sit beside him on the bed.
    “Of course I did.”
    At eleven, he’s had to deal with a hell of a lot, and he’s a great kid who always manages to smile, despite the hellish road he’s been on for the past eight months.
    “Where’s your mom?” I ask him, looking around the empty room that normally has at least one of his parents in it.
    “She’s in the cafeteria getting me some more ice cream,” he says with a smile.
    “Well, good. Then she won’t get mad that I brought you more of these.”
    I pull off my backpack and open it up, handing him the magazines full of racecars. His eyes widen, and his smile only grows. Considering a car accident put him in this bed, his mother hates him loving a fast vehicle. But it’s one of the things he loves and makes him giddy, so she allows it. As long as it’s just in a picture and not for real.
    “Thank you!”
    He hugs me tightly around the waist, and I chuckle while hugging him back. Turning my head, I see Marcy stepping off the elevator, and her watery eyes meet mine. That’s not good. I was hoping I was going to see a smile on her face today.
    “Hey, kiddo, let me go talk to your mom for a second, okay?” I ask, pulling back as Daniel opens up his magazine.
    “Yeah. Okay,” he says, already disinterested in me as he flips the pages.
    I smile while stepping away, but that smile slips when I reach Marcy.
    “They can’t do the operation,” she says on a sigh, as though she couldn’t possibly say anything else first.
    “What? Why the hell not? Dr. Kates said the operation wasn’t a life-threatening procedure. Daniel is already facing the worst consequence without going under the knife,” I whisper-yell.
    A tear falls from her eye, and she nods.
    “They said they could do it, but our insurance won’t pay for it. It’s considered an elective procedure that could result in permanent paralysis. He’ll be permanently paralyzed if they don’t risk the surgery, but the insurance found a loophole to keep from shoveling out the money we need. There’s no way we can afford the surgery. The specialists for this procedure would cost over two hundred thousand dollars, and we’re barely affording our rent as it is.”
    “There are tons of hospital charity funds for things like this,” I tell her, taking an easier breath. Money can be handled, as long as they do the surgery.
    “No, there’s not. Those funds are allocated to children who need life-saving measures,”

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