Pickers 2: The Trip

Pickers 2: The Trip by Garth Owen Read Free Book Online

Book: Pickers 2: The Trip by Garth Owen Read Free Book Online
Authors: Garth Owen
said. She was twitchy, her own horny part of the come down had kicked in, the rush of pure joy at being alive that wanted a release.
    "I think so."
    "We have children with us! Orphans!" a raised voice from the crowd said. The woman turned to point back. "We were told we could bring them to you. We wouldn't have made it this far if it wasn't for.... For them." Her finger settled on Remy and Maxine. "Who are you?"
    The crowd parted as they all turned, and Maxine and Remy got their first clear view of the pair who had climbed out of the buggy. Remy all but chuckled. He pointed at the male, who had removed his helmet to try to give himself more of an air of authority. "He might know." Remy said. "I recognise him, perhaps he recognises me."
    The young man- and he looked a lot younger now his mouth was wide as he struggled to hide his confusion- tried to make a sound. He was striving to make sense Remy's pronouncement, when Maxine upped the ante. "I know him. Yes, I know him." She strode through the crowd, the rush finding a way to express itself. "You used to make fun of my hair because it was so curly and hard to brush. But, well, but, you taught me how to use a bow when everyone else laughed at me and said I was a silly little girl. Your Georges. Georges.... Why can't I remember your family name? It'll come back to me."
    "Maxie? You left the valley, with...." Georges turned to Remy, "I recognise you now, sir. You left Papa your workshop when you went away."
    "It's okay, I'm not here to claim it back. But I do have important things to talk about with my brother. Was there a reason you were blocking our route?"
    "We didn't recognise these trucks. We wanted to search them before they could come any further. I was trying to explain that...." Georges gestured to the woman.
    "Well, if you'd just said that to begin with.... If you have to search us, go ahead and search us. We have nothing but ourselves, what we could rescue, and those children."
    Children had climbed, or been passed down from, all three trucks now, and formed a small army behind them. Veronique and Tony had managed to keep their hands off each other and were now standing in the midst of the youngsters, looking overwhelmed.
    "We're not going to refuse children. But our resources are being stretched, we may not be able to support everybody, no matter how much we want to." Georges said, taking a step back and signalling to the pickup crews to search the trucks.
    "That, we hope, is where we come in." Remy told him. "Let's get the formalities over with quickly and back on our way. It has been a long time since we were home last. I want to see how the old town has changed."

Pickers continues in-
    Part 3: The Valley
    Part 4: The Pick

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