Pretty Packages

Pretty Packages by Mi'Chelle Dodson Read Free Book Online

Book: Pretty Packages by Mi'Chelle Dodson Read Free Book Online
Authors: Mi'Chelle Dodson
stop her quaking core from telling him everything he needed to know about her right now—that she was officially branded. Why else would she be reacting so strongly to his loving?
    When most of the trembling had stopped, Giada broke the kiss and collapsed onto his chest. She needed time to catch her breath. She also needed to get her bearings back.
    Had she bitten off more than she could chew with this giant of a man? Giada had just had the most powerful orgasm of her life, and Kentucky was still as hard as a rock . . . all over. If her ear wasn’t against his rapidly pounding heart, she would have thought she hadn’t affected him at all.
    Determined to be the one leaving the biggest lasting impression, Giada sat upright again. She began to slowly move her hips upon Kentucky , ready to use her body any way she could to conquer him.
    * * * *
    Kentucky was far from being conquered. Though what Giada was doing certainly felt good, something was wrong. And suddenly he knew just what the problem was.
    The rhythm. It was too casual. It was entirely too bland.
    The rhythm was also too sporadic. Giada kept pausing every five seconds to flip her long hair back over her shoulders. At this rate, it would take forever for Kentucky to reach his peak.
    “Hold up for a second, Giada,” he said, stilling her hips with his hands as he spoke.
    “Hold up? You want me to stop?”
    “Yes, something is off-key here, and we need to fix it,” Kentucky explained gently. “Now those tender strokes and that constant flipping of the hair might turn those pretty boys on, but for a man like me, you got to bring it.”
    “Bring it?” Giada looked confused. “You want it faster?”
    “No, you can keep it slow. Just make sure to work your hips steady and strong. You know, show me how bad you really want me. And forget that you even have hair. Just let it go wherever it wants. I always wondered what you looked like without every hair in place, so seeing you wild will be a big turn-on for me. With all that said, you ready to put it on me, baby?”
    Giada nodded. “Yes.”
    “Well, let’s do this then.” Kentucky grinned, pleased that she had accepted his blunt, yet gently spoken rebuke so well. Then he began to lead by example, showing her exactly how he wanted this ride to go, and a few other things to help heighten the mood.
    * * * *
    Giada was a quick study. Combine that with her natural stamina and she had him going over the edge with a loud shout. Though Kentucky was still far from conquered, she felt a huge sense of accomplishment and power nevertheless at having brought him to his peak so intensely.
    I just might keep him for my boy toy for a long time to come, Giada decided.
    Yet by the time Kentucky left right before dawn, she wasn’t sure if maybe she was the toy now. After being made love to for nearly four hours straight, with barely a break in between, Giada had never felt more pliable in her life. There was nothing Kentucky couldn’t ask of her right now. Or rather there was almost nothing he couldn’t ask of her.
    Giada would have given up anything for Kentucky , except for her gold-digging ways. There was still just too much stuff she wanted in life. Things she didn’t think he could give her now, or ever, for that matter.
    Fortunately for Giada, the only request Kentucky made of her before he left was the opportunity to see her again the next day. He actually asked to see her later that evening since it was already the next day.
    With a smile, a kiss, and the beginning of an unfamiliar emotion stirring in her heart, Giada whispered, “Yes.”
    What she received in return was a tender smile from Kentucky , another one of his toe-curling kisses, and a gently spoken “See you later, baby.”

Chapter Six
    On Thursday night, Kentucky returned to Giada’s house after work. This time they made love in her bedroom. Everything was done very, very slowly. Every light was on in the room per Giada’s

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