Profile of Retribution: FBI Profiler Romantic Suspense (Profile Series #3)

Profile of Retribution: FBI Profiler Romantic Suspense (Profile Series #3) by Alexa Grace Read Free Book Online

Book: Profile of Retribution: FBI Profiler Romantic Suspense (Profile Series #3) by Alexa Grace Read Free Book Online
Authors: Alexa Grace
disappeared. That meant no child support. I left Sara with a neighbor and I worked two, sometimes three jobs at a time. The money helped, but I had little time to spend with my baby. Eventually, I got training and went to work as a secretary. It was decent work, but moneywise, we were still struggling.” Charity slipped a tissue out of her pocket and wiped at her eyes.
    “Sara started running with the wrong crowd in high school. I did everything I could do to keep her away from them, like grounding her, taking her cell, but nothing worked. It wasn’t long before Sara’s grades slipped and the school was calling me about her absences. Nothing I said to Sara seemed to matter. I realized Sara was taking drugs, first marijuana, and then anything she could get her hands on. I came home from work one day and found Sara and her boyfriend having sex in our living room. I lost my temper and threw her out. It was the biggest mistake of my life. I never saw her again.” Now crying openly, Charity’s heart-wrenching sobs filled the room. Tate touched her shoulder to comfort her and several members of the group wiped at their own eyes.
    “I lived for Sara. She was all I had, and now she’s gone because two over-privileged teenaged losers wanted to get a cheap thrill by taking her life. I’m with Tate, I wish Evan and Devan Lucas were alive so I could have the pleasure of killing them.”
    “Thank you, Charity. I’m glad you joined our group.” Margaret called a break. Charity ran to the restroom, some people headed for the coffee urn, while others went outside for a smoke break. Kaitlyn fought the urge to follow Charity. The woman needed some time to pull herself together. She just hoped Charity would stay for the rest of the meeting.

Chapter Eleven


    Outside, he broke away from the group and leaned against his old truck. Digging the cigarette pack out of his jacket pocket, he pulled out a cig and lit it. Glancing at the folks smoking near the door, he liked hearing that others wished they could kill the Lucas boys as much as he did. But it was all bravado and bullshit. He doubted any of them had the balls to follow through.
    It wasn’t that he was condemning them. Who was he to talk? He’d been pushed down his entire life and never did a damn thing to defend himself. All that changed when he’d lost her. One second, they were a normal family with ups and downs, and in the blink of an eye they’d lost the glue that kept it together. He still had days when he wondered if they’d survive the loss. The only thing that put a fire in his belly was his promise to make Bradley and Tisha Lucas pay for what the monsters they beget took from him. It was a promise he would keep. He’d make them suffer, just as his girl had suffered.
    Those who spawn monsters shall be judged, shall be condemned. Let justice prevail. David109 would get his retribution.
    Margaret Bennett appeared at the back door to call them inside for the rest of the meeting. He tossed his cigarette to the sidewalk and ground it out with his boot.

Chapter Twelve

    Families of the Murdered

    The next person to speak was April Maud-Black, the mother of Sharon Maud. Kaitlyn had talked to her during the break. April reminded Kaitlyn of a favorite teacher she’d had in school, a compassionate person who wouldn’t hesitate to help others.
    “My daughter, Sharon, was nineteen-years-old when I reported her missing. She and her three kids lived with us. When Sharon didn’t return home after work, I knew something was very wrong. There was no way my girl wouldn’t have called me if she was going to be late. I called all her friends, but no one had seen her. I called the restaurant where I thought she was working, and the manager told me Sharon had been laid off months ago when they had to do budget cuts.
    I waited up for her all that night, but she never came home. Two days later they found her body, and our world was turned upside-down. She was beaten beyond

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