Project Daddy

Project Daddy by Kate Perry Read Free Book Online

Book: Project Daddy by Kate Perry Read Free Book Online
Authors: Kate Perry
for us?” He jumped up. “Just like the old days.”
    I instantly started to salivate thinking about his mac and cheese. He used to make it every Sunday night, and it was creamy and delicious. My mom used to say his mac and cheese was so spectacular it warranted getting dressed up, so while he cooked we fixed our hair in fancy upsweeps and put on our best dresses. I even got to wear a little lipstick.
    But those days were gone, and all I had in my cupboards was tuna fish and Top Ramen. “That’s okay. I just wanted to go to bed tonight. I’m tired.”
    “You gotta eat, Katie bug.” He wagged his finger at me. “You’re wasting away.”
    Actually, I chose to think of it as my fitness regimen. Why pay someone good money to put you on a strict diet? “So, what’s going on with you, Dad?”
    “You know. A little bit of this, a little bit of that.”
    “Actually, that’s what I wanted to talk to you about.”
    Shit. I braced myself.
    “I’m in this bit of a spot and need to borrow some money.” He quickly hurried on, as if he wanted to get all his thoughts out before I interrupted. “It’s the last time—I swear. I’ve learned my lesson. I’d take care of this myself but Ivan is really leaning on me—”
    I groaned. “Ivan again, Dad?”
    “I know. I know. But I was on a winning streak, and I had this incredible hand.” He held up his hands like he still had the cards in them. “Who would have guessed Ivan would have a royal flush?”
    “How much is it this time?”
    He ducked his head and mumbled into his chest.
    “What?” I frowned. “How much did you say?”
    He said it more clearly this time.
    I almost fell out of my chair. “Dad!”
    He sighed and looked at me mournfully. “I had such a great hand.”
    I briefly entertained the thought of letting Ivan tie my dad to the train tracks again. But only for a second.
    Okay, maybe for a touch more. But that’s all. I swear.
    Sighing, I reached for my purse.
    “God bless you, Katie bug.” He smiled in relief. “I knew you’d come through for me.”
    I wanted to growl but I just smiled and got my checkbook out.
    “How’s Luc?”
    I looked up with narrowed eyes. “Why do you ask?”
    “Just wondering. He’s still your friend, isn’t he?”
    I stared at him a moment longer before going back to writing out the check. “Yes, he’s still my friend.”
    “Always liked that boy.” He tapped his foot against the table. “I’m surprised he hasn’t snapped you up yet.”
    “He wouldn’t go for me, Dad,” I said absently as I filled in the date.
    “You’re a girl. Of course he’d go for you. He’s not queer, is he?”
    “Unless he’s a flaming fruit, you’re his type. Trust me.”
    Like I was going to listen to advice from a man who hadn’t had a relationship in over twenty years. I shook my head, took a deep breath, and forced myself to write in the amount. With each zero I added, my home moved further out of my reach.
    I’d just have to work harder to find Lydia a sperm donor. With the increase in pay the promotion would bring, I could make up this setback in no time.
    “You know, Luc has my blessing should he pop the question.”
    “ Dad! ”
    “What?” he asked innocently.
    I sighed. There was no point in trying to explain to him that Luc was my best friend. You don’t date friends. Especially your best friend. When things don’t work out, you’d not only be out a date but also the person who means the most to you.
    “Here.” I handed him the check. “But next time—”
    “I promise, Katie bug. No more.” He made a cross over his heart. He looked at the check and grinned. “You’re an angel, honey. I owe you big for this.”
    God, did he ever.
    “Well, I should be off.” He bounced up and grabbed his coat. Carefully, he folded the check and put it in his pocket. He smiled at me and dropped a kiss on my forehead. “I swear this is the last time, Katie bug.”
    If only I had a dime for every

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