Promise Me

Promise Me by Monica Alexander Read Free Book Online

Book: Promise Me by Monica Alexander Read Free Book Online
Authors: Monica Alexander
    “They’re home,” she told me. “I saw Cullen and Micah’s cars downstairs.”
    “That doesn’t mean anything,” I reminded her. “Besides, it’s late. They’re probably in bed.”
    Or they were probably busy with girls of their own and didn’t want to be bothered.
    “Open the door, Cullen!” Alyssa yelled as she banged harder. “Come on, Micah! Jack lost his keys!”
    I sighed and hoped my roommates wouldn’t take a vote to murder me in my sleep for having the loudest girlfriend on the planet as I finally extracted my keys from my pocket.
    A few seconds later the door opened, and Cullen stood there wearing basketball shorts and nothing else. He looked at me in confusion. “You lost your keys?”
    Considering I was holding them, I could understand his confusion.
    “Something like that,” I told him, as Alyssa pushed passed him into the apartment.
    “Thanks Cullen! I’m going to your room, baby,” she called over her shoulder. “Be there in five minutes or I’m leaving.”
    “She sounds demanding tonight,” Cullen said as soon as Alyssa was out of earshot.
    I sighed as I dropped my keys on the hall table and ran a hand back through my hair. “She’s demanding every night.”
    “Yeah, I suppose you’re right. I guess it’s not so bad when she’s demanding you drop your pants so she can suck your cock,” he said, raising a suggestive eyebrow at me.
    I grimaced, remembering the night before. “You heard that?”
    Cullen shrugged. “I hear a lot of things.”
    “Sorry, man.”
    “No sweat. I’m hoping you’ll be hearing that from my room soon.”
    “Oh yeah? Who’s the lucky girl going to be?”
    I’d known Cullen for over a year, and he was the pickiest sonofabitch I’d ever met. If he met someone who’d passed his scrutiny, she had to be special.
    “The new girl who moved in across the hall,” he said with a smirk.
    “New girl, huh?”
    His smirk morphed into a smile “Yeah. She and her friend moved in today. Micah, Drew, and I helped them bring their stuff up. Micah got her friend’s number.”
    “And you got the other one’s number?” I prompted.
    He shook his head. “I didn’t ask for it, but I will. And if not, I know where she lives. I figure I can make an impression in no time.”
    So he’d struck out. That didn’t happen often. Usually it was the other way around.
    “She’s that worth your time and energy?” I questioned, knowing he wouldn’t be talking about her if she wasn’t.
    He nodded. “That and then some. Man, she made a Bears t-shirt that probably belonged to her dad look sexy. She wasn’t even trying, and she looked fine as hell.”
    “Good deal, man. I hope it works out.”
    “Me too,” he said, scratching his bare stomach. “It’s been too long.”
    I started to open my mouth to make a smart-ass comment about that being no one’s fault but his own, but Alyssa cut me off before I could get the words out.
    “Jack, what the hell is taking you so long?” she yelled from my room. “I’m naked, and I want you.”
    “She’s naked and she wants you,” Cullen echoed, raising his eyebrows at me in suggestion.
    “She can wait,” I told him, and then I yelled back to Alyssa. “I’ll be there in a minute.”
    “Fine,” she grumbled.
    “So this girl’s a Bear’s fan?” I asked him, thinking that was kind of hot.
    “I guess. We didn’t really talk about it, but she said she was from Illinois. I was honestly more concerned about how she looked in the t-shirt than what was on it.”
    That made me laugh. “Touché. Although it would be cool if she was into sports.”
    Girls who liked sports were such a turn-on to me. Maybe it was because I’d played football and baseball in high school, and although girls had been interested in me because of that, I’d always liked the girls who knew their way around a field better than a locker room.
    “It would be, but she’s cool in other ways,” Cullen assured me. “I don’t know. We’ll

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