Promises (Book One of The Syrenka Series)

Promises (Book One of The Syrenka Series) by Amber Garr Read Free Book Online

Book: Promises (Book One of The Syrenka Series) by Amber Garr Read Free Book Online
Authors: Amber Garr
Tags: Urban Fantasy, paranormal romance, Young Adult, mermaid
    “ Time to get up anyway. I’m
sure it’s going to be a long day.” Walking gracefully to the
closet, I watched him select his clothes; a pair of khaki pants and
a light weight button up shirt. The top was sky blue and I knew how
handsome he would look in it. I also really needed to get control
over my feelings right now.
    He bounded into the bathroom with
clothes in hand and I heard the shower turn on. I decided that it
was too much trouble to bath myself again, so I threw on a long
blue sundress and pinned back the sides of my hair. After adding a
little makeup and some deodorant, I was ready to go. Yet I still
sat on the bed for another ten minutes waiting for Kain to emerge.
It was clear to me who the female was in this relationship. When he
stepped out of the bathroom through a wall of steam, I couldn’t
help but tease.
    “ Finally,” I sighed
dramatically. “I thought that I was going to have to tell everyone
that you fell in. Did you get everything plucked and primped just
    He looked at me and the side of his
mouth curved up with a smirk. “Hey, don’t hate me because I’m
beautiful. Do you think this hair styles itself?”
    All I could do was shake my head.
“What time do we have to be there?” I asked.
    “ What time is
    I pulled out my cell phone from my
purse and noticed that I had a couple of messages. They were from
Brendan and I hadn’t even checked my phone this morning. Another
surge of guilt raked over me. “Almost nine,” I finally
    “ Well then we should go
now.” He threw his pajama bottoms on top of his suitcase and
slipped on a pair of shoes. Holding out his hand he asked, “Shall
    I really wanted to talk to Brendan, or
at least look at his messages, but I didn’t want to make Kain
uncomfortable again. So I just smiled, took his hand, and prepared
myself to play the role of fiancée for the rest of the
    As soon as we walked outside, someone
yelled for us. I turned towards the far end of the dock to see a
young couple hurrying in our direction. They must have come from
the boat house at the end. When I looked around, I could see that
there were six different houses along the dock in varying styles
and sizes. It was so quiet that I assumed everyone else was already
at breakfast.
    “ Kain, wait up!” The guy
was yelling at us and towing the girl, who must have been his
girlfriend, behind. She was having a hard time keeping her three
inch heels out of the cracks, but not once did she give him a dirty
    “ Hey Vance,” Kain said and
shook the guy’s hand when he arrived. “Good to see you
    “ Yeah, man. It’s been what?
Like two years by now?” Vance was tall and handsome, as most
merfolk were. He had brown shaggy hair that was streaked from the
sun and stubble around his lower face indicating that he didn’t
shave this morning. Dark sunglasses were covering his eyes and the
shorts and tee-shirt were in stark contrast to Kain’s more polished
look. It was also very different from the girl standing next to
him. She was wearing a one shouldered silver top with a pair of
short black shorts. I am an average five foot six inches and she
was probably a little shorter than that considering we were at eye
level with her heels on. Vance smiled down at me. “I’m betting that
you’re Eviana.”
    I looked towards Kain with a
questioning glance, but before he could respond, Vance picked me up
in a bear hug and shook me from side to side. “It’s so great to
finally meet you.” He put me down but didn’t let go of my arms.
“This boy talked about you constantly when we met. I’m glad to see
that you’re finally here with him.”
    He pushed me aside and pulled the girl
closer to both of us. “This is Brinsley Kennedy. My fiancée.” His
face beamed with such pride I had a momentary feeling of sadness.
Vance was so excited about their relationship and it wasn’t hard to
tell by the way she looked at him, that she was

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