Punish Me With Roses - a Victorian Historical Romance

Punish Me With Roses - a Victorian Historical Romance by Juliet Moore Read Free Book Online

Book: Punish Me With Roses - a Victorian Historical Romance by Juliet Moore Read Free Book Online
Authors: Juliet Moore
Tags: FICTION / Romance / Historical
she wondered if he'd followed her. Because if he had, it could only be for one reason.
    "I live here," he replied.
    "Here?" She looked at her uncle's house and frowned.
    "I meant in Coverack."
    "Are you a fisherman?"
    "Are you a fisherwoman?"
    She narrowed her eyes and fixed him with an indignant stare. "Do I look like one?"
    "No, but with a name like Betsy Carter, you might be the fisherman's daughter. But weren't you headed for Dover?"
    She walked closer, leaving the shadow of the house. Her heart beat unevenly with anticipation. She'd beat him once already and once she got over the initial shock of seeing him, she'd be on top once again. She blushed at the ensuing thought. "Change of plans."
    "I trust you slept well?"
    "Without a moment's hesitation."
    He smiled.
    She felt herself gain the same expression, thinking of cool bed sheets, restless nights, and him. "Do you live very close?"
    He was still paying attention to the horse. "Just around the bend, you might say."
    "I was only wondering how you happened to be standing in this yard. It's almost as if you were waiting."
    "I get around."
    "I'm sure you do."
    He turned toward her, his hand falling away from the horse. "Are you aware that there isn't much to do in Coverack? No balls, no society parties, and absolutely no eligible gentlemen."
    "I've never concerned myself with any of that."
    "What do you do for fun where you're from?"
    "Mostly what you just described, but I wasn't usually a participant."
    "And where was that again?"
    "Scotland, of course."
    He laughed.
    She laughed too, in spite of herself. She hadn't been able to think of a suitable lie, so she'd just made a farce out of the conversation.
    "Did you take the stage from there?"
    "Only the distances that I didn't walk."
    He adjusted the rim of his hat. "Perhaps you should go back for a parasol. The sun is bright this morning."
    "Don't worry about me, Mr. Trevelyn. I don't plan to be outside very long."
    "Then how will I be able to show you around?"
    "That's quite simple. You won't."
    He drew patterns in the sand with the tips of his Wellingtons. "All jokes aside, I would be honored if you would allow me to show you the highlights of Coverack."
    "I though there weren't any."
    "Well, it isn't much by London's standards, but it's home. We have some quaint local sites. And if you're a fan of nature, I could give you a visual feast."
    She bet he could. "I suppose it would be better than exploring by myself."
    He looked at her again. "Certainly. We could go as far as St. Keverne where I could show you why our coast isn't popular by some standards."
    She was about to walk closer, then hesitated. She could hardly comprehend the situation she was in. It had happened so fast. One moment he was a small part of her past, scaring her with his prying questions. The next moment he was within her realm of safety, making him seem warmer...safer. Certainly more attractive.
    She cleared her throat and wished she could cough up some of the emotion that was causing her knees to buckle and her limbs to quiver. "Is that, uh, your horse?"
    "Yes. She can be occasionally temperamental, but all the most interesting ladies are."
    She smiled at the reference. Maybe he wanted to show her that the night at the inn was caused by strained circumstances and not instinctual warnings. Her heart beat faster. "She may be interesting, Mr. Trevelyn, but is she truly worth the trouble?"
    "I knew she was from the first moment I saw her."
    They were silent, but her heart was not. She hoped that only she could hear it pounding beneath her bodice. She looked at him and their gazes did not diverge. While part of her thought she was being forward, the stronger part of her was captivated by the glint in his eyes. The hint of something deeper, something hidden, and something that she couldn't yet determine. It was enough of a draw that even in the heat of the morning, she couldn't see anything but him. She no longer heard the birds' awakening songs and she no

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