PureIndulgenceVSue by VictoriaSue Read Free Book Online

Book: PureIndulgenceVSue by VictoriaSue Read Free Book Online
Authors: VictoriaSue
turned up the background music. The original David Rose “The Stripper” blared from the speakers. Everyone started laughing, and as Joe turned to the stairs he knew why. All the subs were coming down from the boutique. Callum had let them all pick out an outfit for their participation in the auction. The six uncollared girls came down first. Then the boys, five of them, led by Lee. All laughing.
    Joe was mesmerized. Adam had changed into deep purple satin shorts so tight Joe didn’t know how he walked. Both his nipple piercings were now large gold rings with a single purple bead in each one. His hair sported matching purple streaks. Black eyeliner. Shit, Joe had never seen him with that stuff on before. His already large eyes were stunning. The only thing wrong with the picture was, apart from one furtive glance, Joe was being very firmly ignored.
    Damon, however, was not. Adam kept throwing out flirty little glances at him. Joe’s mouth was set in such a grim line his jaw ached.
    The subs all hung around the bottom of the stage as the members arrived. Adam and Lee were working the crowd like pros. All the subs were giving out their own flyers, obviously with their favorite Doms in mind.
    Lee worked the room for the other subs, and Callum stood in his own black dress pants and black silk button-down, watching him. Every so often Lee would blow him a kiss. Joe smiled; it was good to see his friend happy.
    Joe’s gaze once more centered on Adam, and his heart hammered in his chest as he wondered what he had missed. For a few seconds, Adam’s guard was totally gone, and he looked distraught. Joe glanced around the room, trying to pin down what Adam had seen. Callie’s Dom was pirouetting her around. Lee cuddled into Callum. Joe gazed at Adam, the longing clearly showing in Adam’s.
    One of the other subs called to Adam and in an instant his face had changed. Happy, smiling, eager. Joe was stunned. No wonder Joe had never pegged him as a street-kid. Adam had just pulled his mask on again. Joe didn’t know what the hell had happened to him, but Adam’s need to be wanted had been written all over his face. And Joe had nearly shoved him out of his apartment this morning to avoid any more uncomfortable conversations...he really was a complete shit. Something had clearly happened to Adam, and Joe wanted to know what.
    Callum stood on the stage with the mike. All the subs ran into position, with Adam at the front.
    “Ladies and Gentlemen. Tonight, as you know, we are raising money for our very own Derek Jameson’s charity, Gage’s House.” Everyone shouted and hollered, even Joe had to smile. “Our generous-hearted subs wanted to put their own little spin on things. Before we start the auction, please welcome... Adam and the submissives! ” There was a huge groan from the crowd when Callum said the name, then cheers and cat-calling rose. “Singing Marvin Gaye’s, Let’s get it on .” Even the staid Doms that hardly ever cracked a smile clapped for the subs.
    Adam, of course, was incredible, and Joe hated every minute of it. Every hip-thrust, every beckoning finger, every half-lidded look he threw to the audience. He dragged his eyes away from him once and with utter disgust Joe noticed at least six Doms all holding Adam’s sheet of limits. Joe couldn’t bear to look, but he couldn’t look away. It was like watching a train wreck.
    A huge cheer went up and Callum stepped back on stage. He dragged Lee over to him and smiled. “I’m going to start the auction.” Whistles and cheers bounced off the walls. Someone shouted, “One thousand dollars,” and everybody cheered. Callum put his hand up while the crowd quieted. “All of the subs up here, with one obvious exception, are uncollared.”
    Joe stared hard at Lee, refused to look anywhere else.
    “As we are exclusive, I am paying the sum of three thousand dollars to buy my sub tonight.” A huge cheer went up, and Lee flung himself at Callum then danced over

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