Pushing Send

Pushing Send by Ally Derby Read Free Book Online

Book: Pushing Send by Ally Derby Read Free Book Online
Authors: Ally Derby
laughs. “You’re only young once, sweetheart. Live it up while you can.”
    I have become the Cinna to Claire’s Katniss, but I wouldn’t bet on her even if I could.
    As soon as I get home, my phone alerts me of a message from Lana, and it’s all in bold letters.
    I look at Mom who laughs. “Lana?”
    I nod and shove my feet in my slides. “Who else?”
    “Well, it could be that Claire girl making sure you’re coming.”
    “How many moms of fifteen-year-olds encourage their daughters to go to a party where there may be booze, drugs, and boys?”
    “Will there be?” she asks, trying to sound unaffected.
    “Boys, yes. Booze and drugs, I’m not sure, but it’s possible,” I tell her, as I open the door.
    “I trust you, Hadley.”
    “I know, Mom.” Because I am boring , I think to myself.
    I knock on the door, and Pax opens it with a smile, then acts like he is going to say something, but I speak first.
    “She upstairs?”
    “No, she’s in Mom’s room, freaking the hell out.”
    I nod and look around, avoiding his eyes, which happen to stand out even more against his black tux.
    “I’ll take you back.” He looks at me to respond, and I am once again lost in those eyes. “Ready?”
    I nod, and he lets out a deep breath and turns. Then I look up as he shakes his head and turns back.
    “You are truly a great friend, a great person, just—”
    My phone notifies me of a text again, and I reluctantly look away.
    “Lana?” He smiles softly when I nod. “You’re a good person, Hadley.”
    “Great,” I correct, shoving my phone in my pocket.
    He smirks, shakes his head, and then turns around and walks toward the back of the house. He knocks on the door, and Lana throws it open.
    “It’s about freaking time!”
    “How about, ’Hey, Hadley, thanks for coming’.” Pax laughs.
    “Yeah, that, too.” She grabs my hand and yanks me inside, then slams the door in his face. “I liked it better when you did it. Can you fix it?”
    “Lana…” I look up as her mother walks out of the bathroom and takes a drink of water. “You look stunning.”
    “I look like a freaking pin-head. The bun is so tight my eyes are slanted back. The make-up”—she groans—“don’t even get me started. I look like a hooker, Mom.”
    “I paid a lot of money—”
    “You didn’t have to. I told you she could do it,” Lana interrupts, pulling pins out of her hair.
    Mrs. Jamison gasps and puts her hand over her chest, “Lana!”
    “Oh, take a pill, Mom. Come on, Hadley.” She grabs my hand and drags me behind her into the bathroom.
    “Wow,” I say as I look around.
    She snaps her finger in my face. “Don’t get sidetracked, sister. I need you. I promise to let you come spend all day in here tomorrow, looking at the marble floors and walls, but first, get me ready for Joey ‘Freaking’ White.”
    I laugh. “How about I get you ready for you?”
    “That, too.” She giggles as she sits down on the vanity chair. “Let’s do this.”
    And so we do.
    When we come out of the bathroom, Mrs. Jamison smiles as tears form in her eyes. “You look stunning, baby girl.”
    “Told you she rocks,” Lana grumbles. “Dress time.”
    Her mother opens the closet, and I see the dress for the first time. The ball gown is a deep blackberry color. The bodice is a corset covered in glistening sequins with a sweetheart neckline. The skirt is tulle and has a few sparkling sequins on it.
    “Gorgeous,” I whisper.
    Her mother takes the little baggy off the hanger. “Intimates first.”

    chapter four
    The beginning of my end…
    I stand on the porch as the black stretch Hummer pulls away from the curb.
    “They look amazing,” Dr. Jamison says as he kisses his wife’s head, then walks inside.
    I nod. “They really do.”
    “Thank you for helping her, although I thought she was perfect.”
    “Girls, right?” I smile.
    “Yes, I suppose.” She

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