Queen of Wolves

Queen of Wolves by Melissa Morgan Read Free Book Online

Book: Queen of Wolves by Melissa Morgan Read Free Book Online
Authors: Melissa Morgan
Chapter One
    The Black Panther
blended in with the inky black of night as she moved with fluid grace through
the thick forest of cedar trees, the pads of her feet completely silent as they
sank into the rich carpet of decomposed leaves and dirt. She moved swiftly,
creeping around stumps and logs of fallen trees from the most recent storm.
    Weaving through the
trees, she sniffed the air constantly on the lookout for the scent of pack on
the cool night air. She didn’t have much time before the guards picked up the
scent of cat on their lands. All she could smell was damp earth and small
woodland creatures, and she picked up speed. Trees and ferns blurred as she
sped through the forest toward the heart of the territory.
    Suddenly, the wind
shifted direction, and she knew with a sinking heart, the wolves on sentry duty
picked up her scent. A wolf howled in alarm. Others howled a wolf song in
return, and joined the hunt. She was already tired, but she continued to run,
adrenaline making her feet swift.
    They were fast
approaching her, when she picked up the pungent odor of wolf a minute later.
They hadn’t been as far away as she had hoped. Desperate, she picked up as much
speed as she could. The break the in the tree line was up ahead. She had to
reach the clearing before they caught her.
    She was tiring
quickly, her short burst of speed nearly gone when she slid on some wet leaves
and fell.  Zara tumbled forward several times, cracking her side and then her
head on an exposed rock. She laid flat on her back, stunned, breathing hard.
Her ribs and her ankle ached. She could hear the heavy galloping of wolves
bearing down on her position, growling and yipping.
    Zara rolled over and
scrambled to her feet. In a flash, she was running again, slower. The wolves
were quickly catching up. They could run just as fast, but for longer. The
clearing was just ahead, and with a desperate leap over a fallen log, she
soared through the air. When she landed, she was in the clearing. Wolves
growled from behind her and she ran toward the center circle of large stones.
    She barely made it up
the three steps before large jaws clamped down on her shoulder, and she yelped
in pain as she was forced to the ground, skidding the rest of the way into the
center of the dais.  The large wolf who stood on her back growled menacingly
when she tried to push him off. He shook his head, teeth tearing at the bite
mark on her shoulder. She screamed as the teeth bit deeper into the muscle.
    “That’s enough
Matteo.” A voice boomed out above the sounds of the rest of the wolves,
gathering around in the circle. “Release her and step back.” Zara held her
breath, and closed her eyes against the searing pain in her shoulder as the
wolf released her and withdrew his teeth from the muscle of her shoulder.
    Zara groaned and
rolled so that she could face her savior. Flat on her back, she stared up at
the large wolf that stood over her. He growled, narrowing his eyes at her as
she shifted back to human form.
    “You heard your
Master, dog. Back the hell off.” She grumbled, pressing her hand against her
shoulder to stop the bleeding. He growled and stepped forward, snapping his
teeth at her.
    He immediately stepped
back several feet, but his eyes never left her. She sat up carefully, wincing
at her bruised ribs. She had broken enough bones to know one of them was at
least cracked. Blood poured out of her shoulder despite the pressure she put on
it. The wolf had torn an artery.
    “By what right do you
trespass on our lands?” The man walked up to her calmly and motioned for his
second, Cassius to stand behind her. “Be aware, cat, your next words could be
your last.”
    “I am Zara Tuari, of
the ancient bloodline, by which I swear my allegiance. I seek sanctuary from
the Alpha of the Black Moon Clan.” She said loudly, she knelt on her knees at
his feet, bowing as best she could while holding her shoulder together. She
didn’t dare

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