Raging Sea and Trembling Earth: Disciples of the Horned One Volume Two (Soul Force Saga Book 2)

Raging Sea and Trembling Earth: Disciples of the Horned One Volume Two (Soul Force Saga Book 2) by James Wisher Read Free Book Online

Book: Raging Sea and Trembling Earth: Disciples of the Horned One Volume Two (Soul Force Saga Book 2) by James Wisher Read Free Book Online
Authors: James Wisher
“You’ve got a spine at least. I am Dominicus Lucious, governor of the western provinces. I dared speak against our king and his plans. This is my reward.”
    “My name is Connor Blackman. Tell me of King Alexious’s backup plan in the event the ritual failed.”
    “Backup plan? Our lunatic ruler had so many plans you can’t even begin to imagine. If you wish to know about one in particular you’ll need to offer more than that.”
    Connor ground his teeth. If he had more to offer he wouldn’t need the spirit’s help. “I don’t know anything else. It took me years to piece together what little I do know. The journals and histories mention a backup plan in case the grand conjuring failed. No specifics or other useful information.”
    Dominicus nodded. “I heard of a plan, perhaps the one you speak of, but as I was not one of the king’s favorites I know little more than you. My spies in the palace spoke of a demon army marching to war and consuming everything in their path. How he planned to accomplish the summoning I don’t know.”
    It took all Connor’s self-control not to smash the mirror to shards. What had he expected? That a regional governor, a man obviously an enemy of the king, would be privy to any of his deep secrets? The information he needed lay elsewhere, perhaps in the pages of the many books lining the wall. It would take time, a great deal of time, but Connor had no other choice. He covered his hands with a thin soul force barrier, grabbed a book, and settled in to read.

Chapter 14
    D amien joined his master on the wall surrounding the navy fort. Dawn had come and gone not long ago. The archmage stood silent in the cool morning breeze, her blood-red robes swirling around her, her gaze traveling over the ocean. She made no comment when he moved to stand beside her. Damien closed his eyes and breathed deep, enjoying the salt air and the crash of waves on the breakers. He’d slept well. His thin cot left much to be desired, but a little conjuring had taken care of it.
    “Shall we head out, Master?”
    She turned to face.The circles under her eyes looked dark than usual this morning. Had she gotten any sleep?
    “I suppose we should. Are you ready, Damien?”
    “I believe so, Master. All I’m supposed to do is stand beside you and watch for potential attacks, right?”
    “Yes, but just because the job is simple doesn’t make it easy. The histories say imperial sorcerers were known for their subtle conjuring.”
    “Perhaps Mistress Sasha should join us. Three pairs of eyes are better than two.”
    “I considered that, but I don’t want to risk three of the kingdom’s most powerful sorcerers at once. If, heaven forbid, something happens to us, the king will need all his high sorcerers to help deal with the empire. No, it’s just you and me, Damien.”
    He smiled and patted her back. “We’ll be enough, Master. I’ll bring you back to Lane safe and sound, never fear.”
    The archmage laughed and Damien feared he had offended her. “My daughter said you were an odd combination of sweet and tough. I begin to understand what she meant. Enough lollygagging.”
    The archmage conjured her eagle in front of the wall and leapt onto its back. They flew west together at a good clip. Lookout Island waited about two hundred miles off the coast and they reached it an hour later with no difficulties. The island was fair sized, but not huge. A wooden fort surrounded by a log palisade had been built on the north edge. A dock jutted out into the ocean for supply ships. Damien and his master landed there.
    Her eagle had barely vanished when a wild-haired man in his sixties burst from the gate of the fort and strode toward them. He wore ragged canvas pants and a torn, gray tunic. He waved as he approached like they couldn’t see him otherwise. Damien saw no soul force, which meant the man was a sorcerer. That shouldn’t have surprised Damien. It seemed sorcerers ran the gamut from “a little off” to

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