Rain Falls
interrupting our Church.”
    Easy frowned. “The Pres called a meeting, nothing more important.”
    “Well seeing how Shady is our Pres, you will have to excuse us until we have been given our orders,” Freedom shot back and her man raised an eyebrow and said.
    “That’s one.”
    “Yeah,” Freedom snapped, “say that to me tonight while you are sleeping on the couch.”
    Easy glared at his woman, then turned and stomped down the steps.
    “Yeah we need to get a handle on the guys or they’re just gonna run over us,” Abi snapped and all the women nodded.
    “Yeah,” Shady sighed. “Gonna make a strong statement. Let’s go.”

    Creed sat at the front of the table. The other Warriors sat in their spots, but an extension had been added for the Savages. Kink had already come in and explained everything he found out. The men were pissed. The mission could have gone better had they known more information, and Rain withholding was like a betrayal. And people who betrayed the club, well, they didn’t live to make the mistake a second time.
    By the time the girls entered the room, the men had all but made up their minds. Even though Kink, Knight, and Charro had tried to convince them to give her the benefit of the doubt. However, they were adamant, mostly because of the people who had been hurt by Reyes, it had struck too close to home for all of them. The three men were sitting together with frowns on their faces and the others were glaring at them.
    When Shady and the girls walked in, they looked directly at Kink. Shady said, “You assprick. This is Lady Riders’ business not Warrior/Savage business.”
    Kink shook his head and said, “No, Shay, this is everyone’s business ‘cause it will affect us all.”
    “Yeah, well I am the President of the Lady Riders, and you should have come to me to see what I was going to do before you came in here spouting your bullshit. I had it under control,” Shady snapped and the other women stood behind her and nodded.
    Creed finally spoke, with Fork on his left, Tonto and Sandman on the other. “Shay, you know this is not just affecting you. This is gonna bring a shitstorm down on us as well. We didn’t get the main player, and now we find out it was probably Rain’s husband? She betrayed club, she has to go.”
    “Hey,” Shady said and put her hands on her hips, “you don’t get to determine that, we do. She is a Lady Rider not a Warrior or a Savage.”
    “When she lied she was none of that,” Fork said forcefully. “We can’t trust her to be in the clubhouse. I won’t put anyone here in danger, especially the women who we are going to be helping back on their feet. What the fuck is gonna happen if they come looking for them, Shay? Are you women gonna be the ones to protect them or are we? You know the answer.”
    “Oh shit,” Slider said and put his head down. Cajun just grimaced and waited.
    Shady, Abi, Chevy, and Harmony didn’t say a word, but all of them pulled a knife out of the back of their pants and threw them. Each of them landed right in front of the four leaders, inches from their chest, sticking straight up from the table. None of the men flinched, they just sat there, but a few of the others jumped back and yelled.
    “What the fuck?” Maxi said.
    “Not what the fuck, Max,” Shady said, never taking her eyes away from Creed’s. “This is serious as fuck. You will not sit us in a corner, pat us on the head, and think we are going to go and bake cookies and fucking sew shit. WE made the club because of who we are, and that is just like you, but since you Neanderthals don’t allow women in your clubs we made our own. Now, either you are gonna respect it or we are gone. I mean it, gone. Because you do not make decisions for my club, I do. So make your choice right now because I have some packing to do if we are leaving.”
    Tonto shook his head. “Rose…”
    “Oh hell no,” Rose said with a grim tone in her voice. “I am with Shady and the

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