Ramagos, Tonya - Running from Angel [Sunset Cowboys 4] (Siren Publishing Ménage Amour)

Ramagos, Tonya - Running from Angel [Sunset Cowboys 4] (Siren Publishing Ménage Amour) by Tonya Ramagos Read Free Book Online

Book: Ramagos, Tonya - Running from Angel [Sunset Cowboys 4] (Siren Publishing Ménage Amour) by Tonya Ramagos Read Free Book Online
Authors: Tonya Ramagos
through his zipper. Looking at her this way, naked and at their mercy, proved better than any fantasy he ever conjured. Her body was a work of art, perfect curves, delicious swells, and wonderful angles to tempt and tease a man to the point of sheer frustration. He should know. He was nearly there himself, wanting to feel every inch of her, to run his tongue along every creamy morsel. It was all he could do to allow Mitch this time and not interfere.
    Somehow he managed to act like an unmovable wall as Mitch started to deliver the pleasure she begged for. From his vantage point, Jacob couldn’t see what the other man was doing to Angel, but he felt her quivering intensify, heard her breathing catching on each rapid heartbeat. He saw her hands start to move, too, both on a direct course for Mitch’s head.
    “Angel.” He made her name a warning, using his tone of voice to stop her in the act rather than cuffing her wrists in his hands as he had done moments before. “Put your arms around my neck.”
    Mitch, obviously not so far lost in the delicious treasure he had found that he couldn’t listen, pulled back and looked up. He waited for her to obey, his lips unfolding in a slightly triumphant smile when she whimpered as she brought her arms up and back, winding them around Jacob’s neck as he had instructed.
    “That’s our girl,” Mitch said approvingly as he rocked forward, his face disappearing in Angel’s mound once more. She let out a sound that was part sigh, part moan, and totally sexy. It slithered around Jacob’s cock like a band of the softest velvet to push his torment further to the edge.
    In front of her, Mitch shifted, catching the underside of her right thigh and drawing it up until her foot rested on his shoulder. What Jacob wouldn’t do to be in his buddy’s position right now. He nearly whimpered himself at the thought of being presented with Angel’s glistening, wide-open pussy in his face.
    In due time, he told himself as he tightened his grip on her hip and slipped his free hand around her waist. She was putty in his embrace now, relying fully on him to keep her upright as Mitch feasted on her pussy.
    Jacob held Angel and listened and watched and wanted. Deliberate or otherwise, he couldn’t decide, but Mitch prolonged his agony by drawing away from Angel’s sweet heat to speak.
    “You taste good, darlin’. And you are wet for me. Damn, I could drown in you right now.” He met Jacob’s gaze, a hint of amusement and playfulness glinting in his eyes that Jacob hadn’t seen in far too long. “You should taste her. So sweet and hot. She’s intoxicating.”
    Jacob narrowed his eyes, giving Mitch his best go-to-hell look. He wanted to taste her juices on his tongue, wanted to bury his mouth in her most sensitive flesh and feel her writhing against his face.
    Mitch chuckled, the bastard suddenly seeming to have more fun than he had allowed himself since meeting this woman. “Give me one of your hands, Angel.”
    She complied without question, lifting her head as she put one hand in Mitch’s. They all watched as Mitch guided that hand between her legs.
    “Touch yourself for us,” he instructed.
    “Oh, God.” A hint of mortification outlined her whispered words, but Mitch’s next statement told Jacob she obeyed that command, too. “That’s it. Get your fingers all nice and wet. I want you to give your hand to Jacob now. He’s dying to see how you taste.”
    Angel rolled her head on his chest, looking back at him again as she brought a shaking hand to his lips. The humiliation he’d heard in her tone was there in her eyes, but he saw a wicked excitement there, too. She enjoyed the orders Mitch gave her, even if they did cause a certain amount of embarrassment to rise inside her.
    “Thank you.” Jacob sucked her fingers into his mouth and couldn’t stop the growl that rumbled from low in his throat. Bliss, scrumptious, warm, thick ecstasy rocketed through him. It was only a taste,

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