Ravenous Dusk

Ravenous Dusk by Cody Goodfellow Read Free Book Online

Book: Ravenous Dusk by Cody Goodfellow Read Free Book Online
Authors: Cody Goodfellow
would be in violation of a direct order. If you're afraid of compromising security—"
    "I don't give a one-eyed flying fuck about that bullshit," Nye growled back. He turned and got up in Cundieffe's face, so close his cigarette singed Cundieffe's chin. " I know what you are ," he said. Cundieffe took stock of the fact that he was alone in the subway car with the Colonel. He stood a head taller than the officer, and he was armed, but Nye's hand rested on his holster so steadily that he was either preparing to draw down at any moment, or his arm was paralyzed, or a prosthetic fake.
    This was an absurd train of thought. He understood Col. Nye's type. If he couldn't interrogate a hostile party on the same side, what chance did he stand with a radical enemy of the state? "And we know you, Col. Nye. We know your real name, and how you really lost your face, and we know things that even you've forgotten that would cost you even this pathetic little shadow-commission you've managed to hold onto. Now, how much contact have you had with the prisoner?"
    Col. Nye seemed to shrink a little. "Too fucking much," he finally answered. "None at all. He's a goddamned vegetable now, anyway. You're wasting everybody's time."
    "Yes, I understand they're eager to dissect him up at Ft. Detrick."
    Nye chuffed smoke rings out his blowhole. "I don't need to know about any of that shit, shithead. I only run the goddamned stockade. He's forgotten once he's transferred."
    In doing his homework, Cundieffe had learned a bit about how prisoners were "transferred" from Avon. He read about a previous guest— a Marine-trained sniper who became a radical Christian and took up picking off abortion doctors and genetic researchers from extraordinary distances. He went to ground in the forbidding wilderness of the Appalachian range, but Army Rangers caught him and quietly brought him to Avon for "debriefing." Apparently, he'd done a number of assassinations of Palestinian Hammas and Party of God terrorists for them, and couldn't be trusted not to talk if turned out alive. His remains were discovered a month later in the wooded mountains of West Virginia, apparently starved and frozen to death. The following week brought crushingly efficient ATF raids on three weapons stockpiles of a Christian Fundamentalist terrorist group, with an anonymous informant credited with the tips. Then there were the stories of the prisoners for whom the facility had originally been built, the refugees of a seaside New England town, now nameless and long-since demolished: wretchedly inbred mutants who were shipped to Avon in 1928, gassed, vivisected and ultimately starved to death.
    "He never made any attempt to communicate with you or anyone else, during his stay with you?"
    "None whatsoever! He disabled two guards who got a little fresh with him when he rotated in, but otherwise he's been in solitary. He's had plenty of opportunity to speak up, but he has never done so, not even under extreme duress."
    "Has he been examined by a medical doctor?"
    "He's been treated more than a few times for injuries—mostly self-inflicted, mind you. In between, he got medical doctors, shrinks, neurosurgeons, biochemists, Agency torturers, whores, the works. Their diagnosis is, he didn't want to talk, and he'd put a hurt on anyone who touched him. And he's got cancer."
    "What? What kind of cancer?"
    "Cancer of the every goddamned thing. How the fuck should I know what kind? Yeah, he's gonna die any day now, anyway. Be a mercy, shooting him. Whatever he did, no soldier deserves to die like that."
    The car smoothly glided to a stop and Col. Nye hopped off, moving between a brace of MP's who were dead ringers for the ones at the other end, except they wore no unit markings. There was no sign that Cundieffe could discern telling him where they were, but judging by the distance traveled underground, they could be underneath Arlington or Alexandria; for that matter, they could have gone under the Potomac to

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