Raven's Rose (Charity Series Book 3)

Raven's Rose (Charity Series Book 3) by DeAnna Kinney Read Free Book Online

Book: Raven's Rose (Charity Series Book 3) by DeAnna Kinney Read Free Book Online
Authors: DeAnna Kinney
not want to hurt you. I am too thirsty.”
                  She smiled. “I thought you might say that.” She secretly thanked Charity for the idea. Mischievously, she pulled her father’s pocketknife from her jeans pocket and cut a small slit on her neck, allowing the blood to trickle slowly down her neck toward her collarbone.
                  His eyes grew wide as he gaped at her in disbelief.
                  “Are you going to let my rich, sweet werewolf blood go to waste then?” she asked, watching him closely, as he lay there motionless on the bed below her.
                  His response startled her. Everything blurred as he grabbed her in his arms, but then slowly caught the droplet just passing her collarbone with his tongue. She gasped at the intimacy of the act, which left her breathless and lightheaded. He slowly traced the trail of blood up her neck until he settled his lips over her small wound. When he pierced her skin she felt little pain, able to focus only on the heat burning within her.
    She imagined he couldn’t have made love to her and it feel any more intimate, his hands holding her so gently now as his lips caressed her neck. A moan rumbled in his throat, making her respond with a whimper of her own. When he pulled away and gazed up at her, she was sure she saw a flame burning behind his dark eyes. It burned with an intensity she’s never experienced in her short life, and she was unable to look away, compelled by the overwhelming beauty of him. When his lips came down on hers, she wasn’t prepared for her own response. She threw her arms around his neck and pulled him against her, holding onto him as if her life would end the moment he pulled away. And she felt like it might.
    Abruptly he pulled away. “Sophia, you had better go now.”
                  “I don’t want to go,” she whispered, taking his face in her hands. She sought his lips again and found them. He was trying to be noble but wasn’t strong enough to back it up. He wanted her too and she knew it.
                  The kiss deepened as he sought to devour her, and she felt as though their souls were merging somehow as the passion flowed between them.
                  When they finally broke, both were left breathless, smiling contentedly.
                  “I think I love you, Sophia Rose Jameson,” he breathed, staring at her with such sincerity.
                  “You mean me and not your old Rose?”
    “There is no old Rose. You are the only Rose for me now. My Sophia Rose.”
    She smiled. “Oh yeah, well in that case I think I may love you too, Raven Vanderburg.”
                  His smile was wider than she’d ever seen anyone smile, flashing his sparkling, white teeth, and she thought to herself, wow—a vampire and a werewolf—who would have ever thought it possible.

                                      Chapter Nine
    From that moment on they were inseparable. Aside from school, they spent pretty much every waking minute together, learning everything there was to know about each other; past memories, their favorite things, what music they listened to, and how they felt about each other. They even shared their future dreams. Raven didn’t have any dreams outside of spending his days with Rose. This made her blush, which he adored. Rose, however, dreamed of being an artist. She loved to paint and was very good at it. He spent a lot of time peering over her shoulder, watching her work on piece after piece. He loved how elegant her fingers were as they stroked the pages and created such colorful images. His favorite was the one she did of him. He was smiling, and at first, he almost didn’t recognize himself, but this was his life now; a life filled with laughter and lots of smiling.
                  Charity had been put on

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