Razer's Ride

Razer's Ride by Jamie Begley Read Free Book Online

Book: Razer's Ride by Jamie Begley Read Free Book Online
Authors: Jamie Begley
Tags: The Last Riders#1
clit, giving her the full effect of her climax. Beth rose up when he finally released her hair. She didn’t look at him as she jerked her clothes back on.
    “Beth?” Razer still sat with his jeans open, his still semi hard cock hanging out.
    “You better get dressed, Lily could be back anytime.” Razer gave her a sharp look, but immediately shoved his cock back into his jeans.
    “What’s the matter?” He tugged her down onto his lap after she was dressed.
    Beth shook her head blushing, feeling his hand smooth down her tumbled hair.
    “I can see something is wrong. Are you regretting what we just did?”
    “Yes.” Beth was honest enough to admit to herself she had enjoyed it, but couldn’t help being disgusted with herself for giving in so easily to her body's demands. “It’s just that I don’t know you very well.”
    “I think you got to know me pretty well.” Razer laughed. “Don’t worry about all that other shit. It doesn’t matter. I am pretty easy to get to know, you already figured out how to make me happy.”
    Beth disgruntled said, “I think it’s pretty obvious what makes you happy.” The picture of him with his cock down the waitress throat in her mind.
    Razer grinned, he knew women and it was obvious where her mind just went.  “Let me tell you a secret. Made me hotter than hell you watching us. I imagined it was your mouth sucking me off. Tonight you didn’t disappoint me, I want your mouth again, but next I want that tight pussy. If it takes you getting to know me better, I can handle that. I enjoy your company. Now does that sound good to you?”
    “Ok," Beth said, determined not to wince at his plain talk. They were both adults, she would have to get over her prudish ways if she wanted to be with Razer.
    “Good, now I gotta go or your sister is going to find me here and I don’t think you want that?”
    “No.” Beth apologized with her tone of voice.
    “It’s cool.” He lifted her off his lap, taking her hand he walked to the door. “Friday, we are having a party at the house. You want to come?”
    “I would like that. Lily is going out of town with her youth group.”
    “I will pick you up at eight. Sound good?”
    “Yes.” With a light kiss on her lips, he was gone. Beth stood uncertainly at the closed door. Forcing herself to move, she went upstairs to her room.  Taking a short shower eased the tension, but not the desire still plaguing her body. Beth thought about Razer as she sat on her bed painting her toenails.  She liked his easy nature and sense of humor. She had never been around someone like him before; he eased that feeling of being stifled she always walked around with, but couldn’t figure out how to solve. He made her feel free, as if she was capable of being like the other women her age who didn’t have to worry about keeping so many people happy.
    The door opening and closing alerted Beth to Lily’sreturn home. There was a quiet knock on her door before Lily stuck her head inside.
    “I am just going to bed. Need anything?”
    “No thanks. Goodnight Lily.”
    “Goodnight, sleep well.”
    “You too, Lily.”
    Chapter 4
    Monday’s were always busy for Beth. Her first stop was Mrs. Langley, who was waiting on her to take her to get her hair done. Beth listened on the way to the beauty shop as she gave a list of groceries for Beth to pick up. Vincent Bedford and Samantha were coming to dinner that evening, so she would be preparing a meal. Beth would fit the grocery shopping into her tight schedule, hoping this time the father and daughter would actually show up. The last time they had not shown without even a courtesy phone call to cancel.   
    It didn’t take long for her to drop Mrs. Langley off at the beauty salon; her next stop was Ton’s home. He lived on the outskirts of town, a couple miles up Pine Mountain. Beth always enjoyed the drive and Mr. James always gave her gas mileage. The log cabin, which was Ton’s home, suited him.

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