Ready and Willing

Ready and Willing by Cara McKenna Read Free Book Online Page B

Book: Ready and Willing by Cara McKenna Read Free Book Online
Authors: Cara McKenna
Tags: Erótica
his other foot on the floor. I wrap my thighs around his waist as he sinks back inside with a curse.

    “You’re so. Fucking. Wet.”

    “Because of you.” I tug on his hips, and he pushes deep. “You feel so good. You’re so thick.”

    He makes a smug Mmmmm noise and starts to move. He locks an arm behind one of my knees and spreads me wide, hammering hard so his balls slap me with each thrust. The arm of the couch is awkward under my back, but I don’t care. All that matters is Noah’s hips pumping, Noah’s cock surging, Noah’s moan mounting as he gets closer and closer.

    “God, Noah. Keep going. Give it to me.”

    “I’m gonna come in you. Fuck, Abby, I’m gonna come.”

    “I need it, Noah. I need your cum. Give it all to me.”

    “Yeah. Yeah…” He fucks so hard I can feel the couch moving across the wood, so hard he knocks a puff of my breath out with each impact. “Oh yeah. Here it comes, Abby. Here it comes.” Noah falls apart, rams himself deep deep deep , and freezes, stomach clenching with each spasm until he slumps, all his wonderful weight pinning me, his smell and his panting noises lighting up my senses like electricity. I feel his lips on my neck, kissing idly between deepening breaths. I rub his back and arms, comb my nails through his hair, and trace the curves of his ears. He pushes himself up, sinks into the center cushion. I make it to sitting, feeling high and filthy and full of myself. Full of both of us.

    “Fuck me ,” I mutter. “Let’s eat some pizza.”

Chapter Three


    “Knock knock .”

    I lean around the counter to smile at Rob as he steps through the front door. “Hey there. Be right out.” I finish the dish I’m scrubbing and dry my hands. Rob kisses my cheek as I come over to take his coat.

    “Downstairs door was unlocked,” he says.

    “So I gathered. How are you?”

    “Not bad.” The way his eyes drop from my face to my chest, the way his smile turns from polite to wicked, tells me this night will be much like his first visit. It makes me miss Noah’s sweet cautiousness, but I still want him. Rob’s still the best-looking man I’ve ever been with, and I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t a turn-on.

    I dug out a stack of takeout menus when I got home, in case Rob seemed hungry, but food doesn’t seem to be on his radar. He puts his hands to my waist, lips to my temple, brings our bodies close.

    “I’ve got wine in the kitchen, if you want some.”

    “Maybe.” He leans in and kisses my neck, cradling my jaw in his palms.

    “Or we can just get down to it,” I say.

    Rob steers the conversation somewhere I hadn’t expected. “I didn’t make you come last time.”

    “Sure you did,” I say, sounding way too surprised.

    He grins at me. “It’s cool, Abby. I know I didn’t.”

    I gnaw on my lip, mortified. I guess Rob’s better at faking gullibility than I am at faking orgasms. I half expect a mob of angry feminists to break the door down and stone me.

    “But I figured maybe that’s all either of us wanted out of it,” Rob says. “The illusion… But I have to say, my ego’s a little bruised.”

    “Oh,” I say, mustering flirtation. “We can’t have that.”

    Rob kisses my mouth, easing in slower than last time. I assume that the three of us crossing paths yesterday has had the same game-upping effect on Rob as it did on Noah. And the fire burning in Rob’s body as the kissing intensifies convinces me that he’s up to the challenge. That he was practically born for it. If I can manage to quiet my racing thoughts and give myself over to what he’s got planned, I’ll be happy to oblige.

    I lead us to the couch, and we sit. Rob turns aggressive, leaning close, pushing me steadily back until I’m half-reclined, his strong, heavy body against mine, bringing all that same dirty excitement from Sunday and far less uncertainty. His promise scared me at first, made me worry what might happen if I couldn’t come

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