Reborn to Bite (Vampire Shadows Book 1)

Reborn to Bite (Vampire Shadows Book 1) by Mark Gronwald Read Free Book Online

Book: Reborn to Bite (Vampire Shadows Book 1) by Mark Gronwald Read Free Book Online
Authors: Mark Gronwald
glared, staring at her chin in an apparent attempt to avoid her gaze. "What are you?"
    Sabine laughed. "Me first. You came here looking for Doug. I'm guessing you want to kill him for talking to the cops about your werewolf pack's terrorist activities. I need you to leave him alone. Forever."
    Trent opened his mouth, shock on his face, then closed it. "My what?"
    Sabine put her hands on her hips. "Give it up, wolfie. I know what you are."
    Trent stared at her for a minute. "What are you?"
    "Let's keep the subject on the big bad wolf and how I want Doug's little piggies left alone."
    Trent shook his head. "Look, you have it all wrong. We're here to help Doug, not hurt him. We can take Doug and his daughter someplace safe."
    "They're safe with me. But you came here looking for me. Tony Diamato knew someone named Sabine foiled their plan to kill Doug. Ipso facto , you talked to Tony Diamato. Tony and Gus tried to kill Doug last night; so tell me again how you're not just here to finish what they started?"
    "How much do you know about those guys?"
    Sabine paced. "I know that Gus, Tony, you and Charlie are all werewolves. I know that a guy named Lance is your pack leader. One of the wolves from the pack accidentally went to a hospital where Doug was working, and killed a doctor in the ER. Lastly, the wolf pack threatened to kill all the humans working in the ER that day to keep the story from getting out."
    "So you know about werewolves." He sniffed. "And you're what? I've never smelled something like you. You're not human either. Witch? Sorcerer? Demon? Vam-"
    Trent's eyes went wide as Sabine gave him a closed lip grin. "We were talking about you, not me."
    "A witch could have bespelled us, but you don't smell like a witch. A demon would smell like brimstone. Sorcerers don't have mind control spells, so that leaves Fae, angels and vampires; and your hand was cold. But you don't smell of the grave."
    Sabine stared at him. "All those things exist?"
    "How could you not know?" His brow furrowed in confusion.
    Sabine tried to keep her shock from showing. "Let's talk about how you're going to leave Doug alone for the rest of his life."
    "But it's noon, and you're awake. You can't be a vampire." Trent stared at her, deep in thought. She can't be a vampire. There shouldn't be any vampires in the city. The ward...
    Sabine heard his thoughts and wondered what they meant. He was shielding her to some degree, so it wasn't clear. "It sounds like you know a lot about paranormal types."
    "We prefer the term 'preternatural'."
    Breathe like you need to , Sabine thought. Maybe this man could help her, but she couldn't let her curiosity and excitement hurt Doug and Tiana. "Let's get back to your pack leaving us alone."
    Trent eyed her. "There's a problem with that."
    Sabine gave him her best annoyed look. "Nothing you can't overcome, I trust?"
    "Tony and Gus are from Lance's pack, yes. Charlie and I... are not. We're from a rival pack. It's in our pack's interests to protect Doug and the other doctors from Lance and his pack."
    Sabine laughed. "Bullshit. You can't let the secret of your existence out any more than they can."
    "Our pack believes in peaceful coexistence with humans. We prefer to talk to people and convince them that it's in everyone's best interest to keep quiet. Failing that, we turn to the witch council for help. Lance's pack doesn't. They think it's easier just to kill people. They're trying to take over control of our territory, the San Francisco peninsula. Doug and the others are leverage we can use to keep them from going too far."
    Sabine felt honesty in what he was saying, but couldn't read deeply enough into his thoughts to verify the truth. Emotions were easy to pick up, but he might be an expert liar. "So you're the good guys, and they're the bad guys."
    "Right. And you're holding me against my will, which makes you one of the bad guys."
    Sabine shook her head, a grin brightening her face. "I'm just careful. Do you prefer a

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