Rebuild (Love & Beyond #1)

Rebuild (Love & Beyond #1) by D. Griffith Read Free Book Online

Book: Rebuild (Love & Beyond #1) by D. Griffith Read Free Book Online
Authors: D. Griffith
can’t believe that we’re actually heading home in a few days, I’ll be sad to leave this place, its stress free here and no one knows me, which is a bonus . We’re all eating our breakfast and then we’ve got to get ready to head to the beach. The beach is only just outside the villa, so it’s not far to go at all.             
    We head to the beach, where the girls and I, lay down on the sun beds. Darla has on a lovely DG baby pink bikini, Andi has a black lace one on, with a sarong wrapped around her hips and Katie has a red one on. I have my pink costume on, as I hate showing my belly off and makes me feel more comfortable.
    The boys are playing on jet skis, we got asked if we wanted to have a play, but we’re all too chicken, they look far too scary, plus I’m not the best swimmer.
    I look out towards the boys and they seem to be having a great time and I’m pretty sure that’s Jay falling off his jet ski. We’re all in hysterics laughing! Darla, Katie and Andi start exchanging stories about their boys, what they like to do in the bedroom, what sort of weird things their into; some of the things are just weird. The story Katie is telling us right now makes me cringe, something to do with licking ass? I can’t help but say.
    "Like seriously, why would you do something like that? Ewe.”
    "It's called, trying new things, which you would know, if you could actually get a man, let alone keeps one."
    "Katie!" Andi and Darla snap.
    "Listen! I’m sick and tired of you grilling me all the time and being a complete bitch towards me. What, over something that happened years ago? I couldn't help that Jay had a thing for me back then. Now if I wanted him, I could’ve had him but I didn't, so how about you get over it already, you hard faced bitch." I lay back down, trying to hide the shakes and the anger in my eyes. My legs have gone like jelly, because I don't normally outburst like that, but how dare she? Who does she think she is? I don't need her crap, I’m already trying to enjoy myself and forget about everything, but she always has to say something that is completely out of line and uncalled for.
    “Hey, where’s my sun gone?” I look up and there is a very tall, muscular tanned man hovering over me, dripping wet. I slowly lift my sunglasses off and look up at him, wow, he is just dreamy. His hair is dripping wet, his vest top and shorts are soaked and the way the vest clings to his chest, oh god… I want to fondle him right now. Not like he would want me too though, but hey, a girl can daydream right? I gradually squirt out, acting like I’m not affected by his sexy appearance. "You’re in my sun, why is that?"
    “I wanted to make you wet.” The girls spit out their drinks in shock, and start laughing, they have such dirty minds. “I meant with my dripping hair and clothes, it’s called sharing, you dirty minded women and I thought us men were the bad ones." He jokes.
    "How about you just sit next to me instead and dry up." I say, patting my hand on the sun bed next to me.
    "Ok, spoilt sport." He takes his top off and lies down. Don’t look Danni, you will look desperate my subconscious shouts at me. I can’t help but sneak a quick look.
    "I’m going to run back to the house quickly, I need my sunglasses." Katie suddenly pipes up.
    "Hold up, I will go with you." Andi offers, next thing I know I’m getting disturbed by Darla nudging me and whispering.
    “Check him out, you lucky girl, he is flipping hot. Get in there! I’ve heard that he’s supposed to be a sex god." She winks at me and we both giggle. Typical Darla, always has to think dirty.
    "No, he’s not interested in me like that, he’s just being friendly and he wouldn't go for someone like me anyway, I’m no super model." I struggle to hide the disappointment from my voice.
    "Well, if you ask me, No friendly guy would just take you to a romantic meal on top of a building and then invite you to his balcony to watch the

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