Reckless Love: A Billionaire Baby Steamy Fantasy Multicultural Love Story Rockstar Romance

Reckless Love: A Billionaire Baby Steamy Fantasy Multicultural Love Story Rockstar Romance by Imani King Read Free Book Online

Book: Reckless Love: A Billionaire Baby Steamy Fantasy Multicultural Love Story Rockstar Romance by Imani King Read Free Book Online
Authors: Imani King

    Leo and Nigel
    Nigel and Leo went straight to the games room, ready to hit their own bar. Nigel grabbed one of the most expensive bottles of Scotch, two glasses, and poured two hefty shots, neat.
    He handed Leo one of the drinks, and emptied the other down his throat, in one. He motioned for Leo to do the same. For once, Leo looked a little bit uncertain, but quickly followed suit, putting his glass down with a bang. That was the signal. Nigel immediately refilled the two glasses. He didn’t miss the uneasy look that Leo sent his way.
    “What’s going on with you? Something on your mind?” He sniffed and wiped his half-closed fist underneath his nose. “Something having to do with Victor I expect?”
    Leo could see that Nigel was heading for a long night. He shook his head.
    “No nothing like that,” he said. “Actually didn’t have a half-bad time tonight as it turned out.”
    “Any interesting birds there? Or did you have to hang with the dreary string quartet?”
    Oh, if only Nigel knew…better throw him off at the pass.
    “You know how these things are,” he demurred. “Filled with old ladies trying to pawn off their spinster daughters.”
    “Sounds positively awful, my man. I bet you can’t wait to go on tour next week, and get your pick of the crop every night.” Nigel made a lewd gesture in his crotch area and they both laughed.
    “Well sure, I am getting a bit antsy in this dusty place.” He took another healthy swig. “It’s never too soon to get out of here.”
    “Truer words were never spoken, my friend,” said Nigel. “Places like this are good for anyone, not even those in power, as you have so eloquently proven time and time again.” He chuckled. “Think of all the shit you’ve gotten up to, even before you joined the band. Remember when we were kids, and over Christmas each of us stole a bottle from our parents’ liquor cabinet at home, and we went marauding through the town?”
    “Breaking windows and the like? Yeah I remember. I guess we were always pieces of shit, even as kids. This sleepy town never knew what hit it.” Leo wondered what Jasmine’s childhood had been like. Did she grow up privileged, or poor? How on earth did she start playing the cello, of all things? Was she like other kids, or did she always feel different? Like he always felt?

    Jasmine’s dreams were fitful. She’d fallen asleep with the MP3 still playing in her ears and the sound very low. But Origin of Species didn’t always play ballads – some of their stuff was pretty hard-core. And for someone who almost never listened to pop music, not to mention people who did, it was pretty intense.
    In her dreams, Leo was wailing, crying in pain as the guitar wailed along with him. He was in a straitjacket, with the arms loose and flapping instead of tied together, but he was still bound and in pain. His normally rough but indescribably handsome face was twisted as he sang, “part of this world, apart from this world, alone in this world, at one in this world…” And he kept getting smaller and smaller, further and further away. Jasmine reached out trying to grasp him, and felt the fabric of the straitjacket slip between her fingers as she fell forward and he receded. The words he was singing became a wordless scream as he disappeared finally he was just the guitar, the whammy bar ending with his hand in miniature, writhing and contorting.
    She sat up straight in bed, awakening suddenly, having forgotten where she was and she looked around in a wild panic, her own fingers clutching the sheets in anything but ecstasy. But there was nothing, not even the sound of her friends’ breathing to comfort her, as they were all scattered around the suite, nestled in their own sleeping nooks.
    Jasmine shivered. She wrapped a blanket around her, and got up to go to the kitchen, to get herself

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