Red Hot Liar (9781617738654)

Red Hot Liar (9781617738654) by Noire Read Free Book Online

Book: Red Hot Liar (9781617738654) by Noire Read Free Book Online
Authors: Noire
storm across the lawn and head back into the mansion. “How in the hell are we gonna convince Viceroy to let Mama Selah sleep in here tonight?”
    Bunni cut her eyes at me. “We? What you care about where that old bird lays her head at, Mink? I mean, she did have a fuck buddy and she was fuckin’ out, wasn’t she? So why in the ho-ho are you so worried about Selah?” she demanded. “The hustle is over and you got the duckets now, baybee. Why you still all on her tip like that?”
    â€œWho said I was on her tip?” I smirked. “Mama Selah ain’t no jump-off, Bunni, he wifed her ass! I just don’t think he shoulda put her out like that. And what about Peaches? Viceroy said Peaches had to go too.”
    Bunni poked out her bottom lip and narrowed her eyes. “My bruvah ain’t going nowhere ! Papa Doo can kill all that noise because Peaches ain’t leaving this house!”
    â€œAnd what about Okrah ?” I said real loud. “I hope Selah can still do the damn interview this afternoon!”
    Bunni twisted her lips. “I don’t see how with that big old black eye Viceroy made me give her—but I’m down to take her place and get my chat on with Okrah if you need me to. Hell, my ass is dying to be on TV! I want all them old funky-breath scrippers and hoes down at Club Wood to see us on they big flashy screens! What good is having a mansion and a hunnerd thousand whips if you ain’t gonna flaunt that shit? That’s why I been on this reality show grind so hard, Mink. So we can be on TV.”
    I poo-poo’d that nonsense and waved my hand. “Being on television ain’t everything, Bunni. We didn’t creep up on all this money just to turn into somebody’s cable whores! I ain’t wit’ it!”
    â€œBut why not, Mink? Stunnas like us was born for the camera! Besides, I’m always down for your whatevas! Any damn thing you wanna get into I’m ya roady and I got your back. So why you don’t never wanna be down for me, Mink, huh?”
    â€œIt’s not like that—”
    Bunni cut me off and laughed. “Girl, please, you going on Okrah , boo! Okrah Live ! Is you gonna tell her about that time the toilet overflowed upstairs and we stole an old box of her thick-ass magazines and used them to soak up all that nasty water?”
    I rolled my eyes. “Bunni, please. Hell no I ain’t gonna tell her none of that! Is you crazy?”
    She cracked up. “That was a shitty mess! Remember how we got mad ’cause every single cover had a picture of Okrah on the front?”
    I nodded and giggled. “And those shits were thick as hell?”
    â€œLike telephone books!” Bunni howled.
    â€œAnd remember all that nasty-looking white-people food she cooked on her show the other day?”
    Bunni squinched her face up. “ All her shit be looking nasty! People be sharing her recipes on Facebook trying to feed her shit to they farm animals and even the pigs won’t eat it!”
    â€œI know that’s right!” I screeched.
    â€œSee there, Mink?” she said happily. “You about to have your little shine in the spotlight so why can’t I have minez too?”
    I sighed. Bunni was right. I could dig what she was saying and any other time I woulda been flouncing my ass on the national TV tip with her. But I was starting to feel some kinda way about the Dominions, and after all the hustles and the hassles I had been through tryna get on, I was comfortable in my lil spot and I wasn’t tryna rock no boats. I’d seen enough of those reality shows to know what kinda fuckery and foolery that grind required, and I wasn’t gonna put myself out there and embarrass the family name like that. I just wasn’t!
    For one thing, Viceroy was never gonna let no film crew get up in his grill and tell all the family bizz, and for another thing I had Suge to think about too. My dude

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