Redeemed Book 2: A Military Stepbrother Romance

Redeemed Book 2: A Military Stepbrother Romance by Lucy Snow Read Free Book Online

Book: Redeemed Book 2: A Military Stepbrother Romance by Lucy Snow Read Free Book Online
Authors: Lucy Snow
but other than that there were no signs of life other than my own heavy breathing.

    I don’t remember how long I lay there, feeling myself warm up, as the heater kicked into overdrive, grumbling all the way that someone had left the door open for far too long. I just wanted to lay there until someone came to help me up, someone came to tell me what to do next.

    I just didn’t know.

    Finally, eventually, I picked myself up off the floor and looked around. The house which had seemed so bright only a few minutes ago, bright with the potential of love and romance and lost all under the same roof, now looked drab and dark in the cold winter of Summitville. Like someone had turned the brightness knob almost all the way down.

    I moved around the house like a zombie, like a ghost, as if I hadn’t been there before, but yet I knew the layout perfectly. So many thoughts ran through my head, wondering what Harrison was going through, what he was thinking, what he wanted me to do, what our parents would think. So many thoughts that I couldn’t make sense of any of them, couldn’t slow my mind down long enough to pick one and run with it. So, instead, all these thoughts ran Inside me, ran with me.

    The house didn’t provide any respite, though. There was nothing here to make me feel any better. My room, long my haven against the rest of the world, seems too much like Harrison to make me feel any better. Despite the fact that he would take in all his clothing out in his hurry to meet with the police downstairs, the room still smelled like him, still smelled like his manly scent of sandalwood. I closed my eyes and let the scent wafted over my nose, breathing in as deeply as I could, wanting to hold a piece of him as long as I could.

    I stepped to the window in my room, peering out into the night, trying to see what Harrison had saw just a few minutes earlier when he noticed the police car parking, noticed the officers getting out and walking toward our door. I wonder what must’ve run through his mind.

    He was no stranger to the police, but I’ll bet he must’ve thought he’d left that life behind him, for years in the military, four years fighting for his country, serving when so few volunteered to do so. If that were me, I’d have walked around with a little bit of an ego, a little bit of knowledge that I had fought for, I have defended all that I saw around me.

    Harrison didn’t seem to walk around with that kind of complex, that feeling that the people around him owed him something. I was impressed, the old Harrison lorded every small thing over everyone else within earshot. It was impossible to forget any time he had ever done something good for a change.

    I smiled, thinking maybe that was because the good things he did were so few and so far between at the time.

    I didn’t want to spend any more time in my room, hiding away, so I stepped out and found myself standing in front of the door to Harrison’s room. I had seen inside it on many occasions, but it had been years since I’ve stepped inside. Back in high school Harrison has installed a lock on his door. Our parents had not been happy with that, but as transgressions went, that was one of the small ones, and by then our parents had learned to pick their battles with him.

    It took me a long time to learn that. In the meantime I just avoided him as much as possible.

    I rested my hand on the doorknob to Harrison’s room, and debated going inside. I turned the knob just to see if it was locked, and was surprised to find it unlocked. Harrison must have left it that way; that wasn’t like him. Privacy was usually so important to them.

    I don’t know what possessed me to turn the knob all the way and push his door open, but I couldn’t stop myself. The door fell open silently, throwing the light from the hallway into Harrison’s dark room.

    Before I stepped inside, I felt around the wall with my hand till I found a light switch and flicked it on. The

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