Requiem for the Dead

Requiem for the Dead by Kelly Meding Read Free Book Online

Book: Requiem for the Dead by Kelly Meding Read Free Book Online
Authors: Kelly Meding
love-hate-love-even-more relationships I'd ever seen, and she was growing on me as well. She was the closest thing I'd ever had to a girlfriend, and the only person in my life who listened when I talked about my and Wyatt's sexual problems (Milo and Tybalt got that look on their faces and plugged their fingers in their ears). Operation: Trust Me was her idea.
    Whenever we were alone like this, part of me wanted to ask for more details of her friendship with Wyatt. All I really knew was that Wyatt recruited Kismet into the Triads when the entire organization was still in its infancy. The rest of me—the part that didn't like to dwell on the past—kept silent. It wasn't my business, and like her confessions about falling in love with her own Hunter once upon a time, it was something she could tell me if she wanted to.
    "You know he's going to be pissed about this," Kismet said. She waved her hand at the vault.
    "I know. But he'll get over it. He needs this."
    "He doesn't trust his wolf."
    "I know that, but I trust Wyatt to keep his wolf in check and to stay in control. He's strong enough to do that. He's just afraid to take the risk with me."
    "You've been through a lot, Evy."
    "And I have no doubt I'll go through a lot more before my nine lives run out. But I cannot stand Wyatt handling me with kid gloves. He needs to stop being afraid of hurting me."
    "Easier said than done."
    "That's why you're my backup."
    She rolled her eyes. "Yay, me."
    "Listen, off topic, can I ask you something about Tybalt?"
    "The last time you asked if you could ask me something about Milo, I told you to go ask Milo."
    "Well, this is actually about you, too."
    Her eyebrow quirked up. "Okay."
    "Did you know he was involved with the whole Seamus/Prentiss kidnapping thing back in May?"
    "Not while it was happening. Marcus approached Tybalt during the Triad's off-time. He didn't tell me until a few weeks later. Why?"
    "Just curious. Tybalt has a pretty complex relationship with the Felia Pride, doesn't he?"
    "Yes, he does. He was never very close to Marcellus, but he still cares about Astrid and Marcus. Marcellus's impending death is going to hurt all of them. And if Riley is challenged, Tybalt will do everything he can to make sure the Dane family remains in control of the Pride."
    "The Pride kicked him out onto the streets, and he's still that loyal?"
    "Funny, huh?"
    "Yeah." And as interesting as the conversation was, I needed to get my mind on someone besides Tybalt. "Time for phase three."
    "Good luck."
    While she went to fetch Wyatt, I stripped and threw my clothes into a pile in the corner of the vault. It was chilly and my nipples pebbled right away. I stretched out on the thin mattress, closed my eyes, and let my thoughts wander. Back to that morning so many months ago when we'd made love in a narrow twin bed—our first and only time since my resurrection. I pictured him naked in my arms, his toned body fitting so perfectly with mine, and felt a familiar warmth between my legs. I held onto those feelings and remembered his hands, his touches, his kisses all over.
    I almost didn't hear the bank door open, or the sound of voices. Wyatt would be blindfolded (he trusted Kismet enough to allow that, we both knew), but very soon he'd smell my arousal and know something was up. I sat up on my elbows and watched her lead him to the vault. Inches away from the door, he dug in and stopped.
    "What's going on?" he asked, danger in his tone.
    "Therapy," Kismet said. She gave him a hard shove, then swung the barred door closed with a clang.
    Wyatt yanked off the blindfold as he turned, so he didn't see me yet. He grabbed the bars and tugged, snarling, "What the fuck, Gina?"
    She ignored him. Looked past him to me. "You know the safe word."
    "Yep," I said.
    He pivoted to face me, even as she pushed the vault door almost the entire way shut. Mostly to muffle noise—she didn't want to shut it completely and suffocate us. Wyatt's eyes blazed pure

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