Resident Alien: Department of Homeworld Security, Book 2
we can use instead of having sex. It takes care of everything.”
    “Your people only have sex alone?”
    “Not always. For some, it doesn’t satisfy all their needs. Those people pair up and use it together.”
    “Nobody just…gets it on the old-fashioned way?”
    “Gets what on?”
    “Has sex.”
    “Oh. Not that I’ve ever heard. And I’m a very good listener.”
    She loved talking to Brendan, but she wanted to do other things. It had been too long since he had kissed her. There was too much space between them. The energy that had been building in her was threatening to turn to frustration. She wanted to go back to pleasure.
    She leaned forward and brushed her nose along his neck, then pressed a kiss there. He didn’t relax into her as she’d hoped, so she pulled back again.
    “What is it?” she asked.
    “You’ve done that before, though. Right?”
    “Done what before?”
    “‘Coupled’ with someone. Used that stuff with another person. I mean, you’re not…”
    “I’ve had sex before, if that’s what you’re asking.”
    He let out a breath. “Okay. Cool. Because this is going fast and it’s already complicated enough and—”
    She kissed him again, pressing her lips to his firmly to make sure he received the message. She wanted this—wanted him—for no other reason than that he was himself.

Chapter Seven
    For someone from a culture that didn’t exactly have actual sex, Kira sure knew how to kiss. And the way she had gripped him… Every touch, every look was equal parts naivety and confidence. He didn’t know how she pulled that off. His cock didn’t care—it just wanted more.
    He was glad his boxer-briefs were still in place. Otherwise, he’d have been tempted to just slide into her. As compatible as their bodies seemed, he wanted to make sure they took precautions.
    Gripping her ass to hold her, he leaned forward, then stood. Their quilts fell away as she held onto his shoulders and wrapped her legs around his waist.
    “What are you doing?” she asked.
    “Taking you to the bed.” He started across the room.
    “Oh. Okay.” She gave him another of those megawatt smiles. He had to pause for a moment to kiss her properly.
    Kira in his arms. He didn’t care if she was an alien or not. She was the person who knew him best in the universe. The person he loved.
    He broke off the kiss and carried her to the bed, setting her down on the side closest to his bedside table. The fire he had built up chased the chill from the air, but he left her shirt on to keep her warm. There was still plenty he could do and reach.
    Kneeling before her, he ran his hands up her calves then under her thighs. Her lips parted and she hissed in a breath.
    “When you take that drug, do you touch each other?” he asked.
    “Not like this.” She shook her head, her smile faltering. “It’s more like a lot of awkward hugging. That’s how it always felt to me, anyway.”
    “That doesn’t sound very appealing.”
    “I only tried a couple of times. I don’t think—” She cut herself off, eyes widening as if she had caught herself before letting a secret slip through.
    There was no point for him to try to keep his secrets from her. The technology she had demonstrated already left his advances centuries in the dust. No wonder she’d been able to pick up his signal—she was the intended audience.
    He hoped eventually she wouldn’t feel the need to keep things from him either. He wanted her to trust him fully, like he trusted her.
    “You can tell me anything,” he said. “I thought you knew that by now. Especially with everything you’ve already shared.”
    She pinched her lips together so tight they disappeared. But she nodded.
    “I’m not…normal.”
    “Oh.” Maybe their anatomy wasn’t as compatible as he thought. “If there are things I need to know before we go further, tell me. I can handle it. I just… I want to be close to you.”
    “I want that too.”
    She put her hands on either side

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