Return To Snowy Creek
Although he was a stout, solid six-feet tall,
his mother only came up to his chest.
    “Why would you say that to your mother?” She
said, squeezing him hard around the waist.
    “Because you keep tweeting that I dumped
Jennifer,” Grant unhooked her death grip of a hug and took a step
back. He raised his eyebrows and stared at her for a second.
    “The tabloids are how I find out all my
information. Besides, no woman would dump my son. Not my movie star
son,” Maryann Williams said as she shook her head. She lifted her
hand to touch his cheek.
    Grant put his hand on top of hers and said,
“I hate to break it to you, Mom, but I’m not a movie star. And the
tabloids are rarely on target.”
    “But, you were on television every day. How
can you not be a star?”
    “I had a show remodeling houses. I think I’m
a far cry from Hollywood,” Grant said.
    “But you’re more handsome than that Brad
Putt guy.”
    “Pitt,” Grant corrected.
    “Putt, Pitt, whatever. You had one of the
most beautiful women in Hollywood. You are a movie star,” Maryann
    “I’m flattered you think so, but having a
show on a remodeling channel does not create movie star status. And
as for Jennifer, that was sheer luck. She is beautiful, and she is
a movie star. But she’s really not the kind of girl a man settles
down with.”
    As much as Grant missed Jennifer, he was
tired of the high-maintenance that came along with her. They could
never just run out to grab a bite to eat, or head to the beach for
a relaxing afternoon without photographers following their every
move. It wore on him.
    “Well, I need some grandkids. And soon,”
Maryann said.
    “I need a wife first,” Grant said, laughing
again. “And believe me, I’m not in any hurry to get one.” He’d
hadn’t sworn off dating, but Grant planned on taking a break for a
while. Finding a wife was certainly not high on his priority
    “Famous last words.” Before walking toward
the kitchen, Maryann said, “Leave your bags there, I’ll take them
upstairs for you in a bit. Your room is ready for you. I’m glad
you’re home for a while.”
    “Thanks Mom. I need to get something out of
my suitcase, so I’ll take them up in a few minutes.” Grant felt his
phone vibrate in his pocket. He pulled it out to look at it.
    Grant stared at the Tweet. “Mom, I’m right
here. You don’t have to Tweet something if I’m standing right
here,” he shouted into the other room. He looked down at the
message scrolled across his screen.
    Son home. Not a movie star anymore. How will
he ever get a wife?
    He shook his head and laughed as he read the
next message that popped up.
    Better yet, how will I ever get
    Grant walked into the kitchen and sat down
at the table. It was an unspoken tradition to eat the minute
someone walked into Maryann Williams’ home. She’d been known to
make the mailman come in and eat a time or two. Even though Grant
wasn’t a guest, eating was still first on the agenda.
    Maryann sliced a piece of chocolate pie and
set it on a small plate. She put a fork on the plate and slid it in
front of him. Grant dug in, took a bite, and felt the comfort of
home wash over him. He loved her pie.
    “You know,” Maryann started, “Mrs. Ridgeway
has a daughter that’s in real estate. Pretty girl.” She sat down at
the table across from Grant.
    “I think you might’ve set a record, Mom.”
Grant took another bite of pie. “I’ve been in the house less than
two minutes and you’re already trying to fix me up.”
    “ I don’t want you to have a
broken heart for too long. Miss Tilman is a beautiful movie star,
but we need to get down to this marrying business.”
    Grant took another bite of pie and ignored
his mother’s comment. “Do you think Gary’s going to have a problem
with me helping out in the hardware store while I’m home?”
    “Ever since your father died, Gary’s been a
bit overwhelmed with the store,” Maryann said. “He’ll be glad

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