Rewind (Vanish Book Three)
floor. I managed to look up at her;
she looked terrified, but she held her eyes on me. I tried to
speak, but I couldn’t. It took a lot of energy to even look up at
her, and when I could I realized that she was glowing. Dante ran up
the stairs and stood in the doorway; he hurried up and tried to
explain things.
    “ We’re here to help you. We
think something really bad is going to happen to you,” he
    Once he finished speaking, I
felt normal. I took a few deep breaths and sat up. She kept her
eyes on us. She looked unsure of whether to believe us.
    “ This is going to sound
crazy, but I need you to believe me…” I began. “We were friends—in
what I can only explain as another life—I came back from the
future, and everything has changed. Some really bad things
    I explained the whole thing
to Grace, who sat there listening the entire time. A few parts of
the story shocked her, but other than that she seemed to believe
me. She invited us to stay, but after that she pretty much kept
quiet. Once Dante was sure everything was okay, he disappeared with
a swirl of blue and green.
    Grace went into her room, and told me
to help myself to whatever I needed. She stayed in there for quite
a while until there was a knock on the door. She ran in and put her
finger up to her lips to silence me, and then she looked through
the peephole. She sighed with relief but didn’t open the
    “ What was that about?” I
    “ I think you’re right; I am
in trouble,” she whispered.
    Someone had been following her, just
like in my vision when she came over. This time, however, she had
powers… I didn’t understand.
    “ So how long have they been
following you?”
    “ A week, at the most, but
sometimes I could swear I saw a person looking through my window,
wandering around my house late at night.”
    “ A week?” I
    “ It might not even have been
that long; I didn’t notice them until a few days ago.”
    “ It’s so funny,” I laughed
without emotion. “All of the good things have been taken from my
life with this trip to the past, and yet all the same horrible
things remain.”
    “ I’m sorry. You seem like a
great person, and I have no doubt in my mind that we were best
    She got up and walked away
without saying another word. When she returned, she had something
in her hand.
    “ What’s that?” I
    “ A picture…” she said,
looking closely at me. “I think whoever’s following me dropped it
    She handed it to me and
watched my face the entire time I stared. I couldn’t look away. I
couldn’t put it down, and I couldn’t bring myself to speak. I felt
tears lining my eyes, and a horrible feeling, deep down inside. I
had no explanation for it, but I knew it wasn’t good.
    Something from the future
had followed me here, but I didn’t take anything with me. The
confusion all but paralyzed me as I stared down at a photo of me,
Dante and Grace. This wasn’t just any picture; I knew this picture.
I held it in my hands, and it brought me hope every single day I
was in Meadowbrook—and I hadn’t seen it since.
    “ Are you up for a road
trip?” I asked, never taking my eyes away from the
    “ Sure,” she said, sounding a
little confused.
    We sat there waiting for
Dante in silence. About an hour after he left, he returned. First,
the blue and green swirls lit up the room, and then he appeared. He
held his hand out like he was grasping something, then he looked
next to him, disappointed.
    “ What’s wrong?” I
    “ Nothing I just thought…
never mind.”
    “ Okay…. We were thinking
about taking a little trip,” I explained as I handed him the
    “ Alright, but let’s wait
until morning,” he said and sat down. “What’s this?”
    “ It’s us, when we were
    He sat there staring at the photo; I
couldn’t bring myself to say anything.
    “ One of you can use the
guest room,” Grace said.

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