Rise of the Undead 1943

Rise of the Undead 1943 by David Presley Read Free Book Online

Book: Rise of the Undead 1943 by David Presley Read Free Book Online
Authors: David Presley
    “We need a priest, that would stop those bastards cold, I
tell you,” Johnson strokes a small cross on a chain around his neck, “Yeah, you
know what I’m saying,” he glances at Camir’s scimitar, “Hey, you got an extra
one’a those?”
    Camir grips the hilt of his scimitar and grins. A crash
announces that the door is down.
    Yusif leads them into a large room with pillars and a
vaulted ceiling. It’s dim. Torches give off twinkling light, but the ends of
the room are lost in the darkness. Along both walls are alcoves with carved
relief writing. A stone table stained red with blood sits just inside the
doorway. Yusif stops to look at it as Oddball and Johnson continue into the
room. Monte joins Yusif, where they look at a fresh heart on the table. Oddball
gazes around the ancient room, “Looks like a church.”
    Johnson frowns, “If Satan had a church.”
    They hear muffled voices ahead. Oddball and Johnson move
slowly forward, weapons ready.
    Monte bends down, looking at the heart, “What the fuck?”
    “An offering.”
    “To who?”
    Yusif looks to Camir and begins to answer when from the far
end of the room, they hear a blood-curdling scream.
    Oddball and Johnson freeze. There’s another agonizing scream
that’s quickly silenced. Oddball spins around to leave, only to find Monte
there. Monte spins Oddball around and pushes him forward. Yusif joins them and Monte
signals his men to spread out with hand signals. The men move ahead with
weapons at the ready. As they round the last pillar they see a stone block in
the center of an open space with two men dressed in hooded sackcloth cowls
holding an Arab man bent backward over the block. The Arab man screams and
struggles to break free as one of the priests raises a bejeweled dagger to
strike. Monte looks on in horror; the priests are ancient with grey leathery
skin pulled tight onto their bony skulls. The Arab man screams as the knife
drives home.
    “Jesus Christ!” Monte exclaims.
    A third priest holds a young woman captive.
    Monte speaks through clenched teeth, “Take ‘em down!”
    Pilch aims his rifle and fires. The priest holding the women
falls back, a hole in his head. As the priest falls to the floor his head
explodes in energy. Bolts of lighting strike out, hitting several of the men
and knocking them down.
    The women is stunned but manages to pull the priest’s dagger
from his hand and jumps onto one of the priests at the alter, driving the
dagger into his back.
    The other priest looks to her with a snarl as the next round
hits him in the face. His head also explodes, and more men are knocked to the
ground by the explosion of energy. The Americans look on, awe struck, as the
woman drives the dagger again and again into the priest’s back.
    Monte, finally snaps to, “Oddball, get in there and help
    Oddball smiles, “Looks like she’s doin’ fine.”
    “Yes, Sarge.”
    Oddball walks up, draws his pistol, and shoots the
struggling priest in the head. The explosion sends Oddball sailing through the
air to land roughly on the stone floor. The woman falls back on her butt and
looks over to him.
    He smiles at her, “OK, now that just ain’t normal.”
    The Americans get to their feet, scared and confused,
looking at the headless corpses of the priests. Johnson drops to his knees and
begins to pray.
    Monte looks around, “Anybody hurt?”
    Nobody trusts their voices to speak. Oddball stands and
approaches the woman.
    “Matty, check for exits,” Monte orders.
    Matty looks around, “Sure thin’ . . . ,” his voice crackles
like a teenager and he coughs, “Sure thing, Sarge.”
    Oddball smiles at the women as he walks up, “Howdy.”
    Hands shaking, she drops the dagger and looks up to him. He holds
out his canteen, and she slowly reaches to take it. Oddball tips his helmet, “People
call me Oddball.”
    Monte walks to where Yusif stands over the body of the Arab
man on the block. Blood runs from his opened

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