Road Trip - Southern Belles Part 3 (Erotic Romance Series)

Road Trip - Southern Belles Part 3 (Erotic Romance Series) by Amanda Heartley Read Free Book Online

Book: Road Trip - Southern Belles Part 3 (Erotic Romance Series) by Amanda Heartley Read Free Book Online
Authors: Amanda Heartley
competition. Hell, she’d elope to Vegas tonight if he asked her.
    “More wine?” the waitress tipped the bottle to her glass. She noticed Annie was playing wino tonight and at these prices, she was happy to oblige.
    “ Sh - ure” Annie giggled as the word slid out of her mouth.
    “Honey,” Tommy’s deep voice sent shivers down her drunken spine. “Let’s get going, we have a lot to do.” He nodded to the waitress for the check and pulled out his card. Annie was giggling to herself, not sure if she could even walk out of the place.
    Tommy laughed. He knew how feisty she got when she was tipsy and tonight was going to be fun. They had over an hour’s drive to Mountain View and he hoped she could wait till they got home.
    He stood up, threw a few dollars on the table and helped her out of the booth. She stumbled and slurred her words as they oozed out of her mouth, “I’m sho shorree, honeee, zjust hold meee up-p-p.” Good thing she wore flat shoes today or she would have been face down on the floor.
    Walking out to the pickup truck, he found it was a lot easier to just carry her; she was stumbling with each step, so he just picked her up and walked to the truck.
    He thought about his woman. She’s sexy, fun, drop dead gorgeous and now she’s rich on top of that. God had really blessed him in his life and he wasn’t ever going to take these things for granted. He was proud to be her man and couldn’t wait to call her his bride.
    Opening the door, he lifted her up into the truck. She was giddy and he was glad to be there to protect her. He fastened her seat belt and walked around to the other side and got in the truck.
    “ you...ever....mas - mash - turbate?” barely pronouncing the words, giggling as she asked the question. “Mash - tur - bate. You wish your dick?” She asked, running her hand hungrily over his crotch.
    S he was drunk. “No, honey,” putting his arm her around her neck, pulling her closer to him. ”I don’t ‘play with it’, I have you,” he said, kissing her on the head.
    “Good, caush I wants to be all you ever need. Lesh get married.”
    “Darlin, we are getting married; we just have to get everything ready . It takes time, honey bun. We will be married soon and you will be Mrs. Tommy Donovan, the most beautiful bride in the world.” He hugged her.
    “When we get married, will…will you…fuck my ass? That was fuckin amazing…remember, I was scared…and… you…you did it anyway? That big ole….dick, sliding in and out….in and out….my ass….Fuck, Tommy, I love you…” she exhaled, falling off to sleep.
    “Yes, baby, I’ll do anything you want.” He smiled; his bulge sprang to attention in his jeans with the thought of her tight ass wrapped around his fat dick. He was a gentleman, but still so much a MAN. Sex with Annie was heaven in all its glory. He would give her anything she wanted, within reason . She fell asleep in his arms, the pickup truck bouncing on the old highway to home.
    He pulled up into the driveway at the ranch. He nudged her gently to wake her. She didn’t budge. He went to the passenger side and lifted her out of the cab, carrying her to the house and up the stairs. Looking down at her, she was a mess, hair all over, lipstick on her face. He laughed. He should take a picture of this and show her in the morning.
    Laying her on the bed, he took off her clothes and covered her with the blanket. He wasn’t getting any tonight. Oh well, he was exhausted from their shopping trip and sleep couldn’t come soon enough.
    Undressing, he thought about what she said in the truck. Did he ‘play with it’? He chuckled. No, he never had to with her. She was a hot little sex kitten and he was happy to give her every bit of him, everything she craved. He slid under the covers of the king sized bed; wrapping his arms around her. The coolness of the sheets mixed with the warmth of her body felt incredible.

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