Robert Ludlum's (TM) the Janson Equation

Robert Ludlum's (TM) the Janson Equation by Douglas Corleone Read Free Book Online

Book: Robert Ludlum's (TM) the Janson Equation by Douglas Corleone Read Free Book Online
Authors: Douglas Corleone
    Owen Young had only been let in on the Mobius Program well after the fact. But ever since he learned of the breadth and sophistication of the operation, he’d been in awe of the possibilities of clandestine operations. If the invisible hand of Consular Operations could create (and for years control) a visionary billionaire like Peter Novak to carry out their global agenda, then they could accomplish just about anything. It was why he had trusted that Diophantus would be an unmitigated success. This incident with the translator and the senator’s son was the first error he’d seen made. But it was a significant one. And it had to be corrected without delay.
    “Ambassador, we’ve worked with Janson since then. He got what he wanted: the Mobius Program was shut down. And we’ve been keeping tabs on him ever since. As far as Janson’s concerned, Mobius was an isolated incident.”
    “We are in agreement, Director, that the stakes involved in Diophantus are even greater.” He paused for a breath. “I believe we should err on the side of caution.”
    “As we have been, Ambassador.”
    “I do not need to remind you that the only reason we are having this conversation in the first place is because your man allowed the kid to escape.”
    Edward Clarke hesitated. “You want me to eighty-six Janson, is that what you’re saying? Because my predecessor attempted just that in order to salvage Mobius. That directive very nearly blew him and everyone else involved out of the water.”
    Young considered this. “You say that Janson is just fishing, that it is the woman who is suspicious, correct? In that case, you need not eliminate Janson.”
    “You want me to take out Kincaid.” Clarke’s words didn’t take the form of a question. “If I set my people on Kincaid, that’s the one certain way we can expect to involve Paul Janson. There’s more going on between him and Kincaid than just a working relationship, Ambassador.”
    “Then I anticipate he will be too distraught to continue the job for the senator.”
    Clarke smirked. “You don’t understand. If Kincaid is taken out, Paul Janson will find out who’s behind it even if it kills him.”
    “Perhaps it will kill him. You have faith in your current asset, do you not?”
    The director exhaled audibly. “Ambassador, you’re asking me to kick a fucking hornet’s nest. You do realize that, don’t you?”
    “I’m not asking you to kick it, Director. I’m asking you to dispose of it. There is a significant difference.”
    *  *  *
    E XASPERATED, E DWARD C LARKE slammed down the receiver. The sensation felt strangely unfamiliar. He’d slammed down plenty of phones in his time, but he hadn’t had the pleasure in maybe ten or fifteen years. Technology had gotten in the way. Hanging up on someone no longer gave you the same satisfaction as marching out of a room and slamming the door behind you. Hell, it probably wouldn’t be long before slammable doors were taken away too, replaced by those sliding contraptions on Star Trek .
    Clarke stood from behind his desk and paced the length of his office in silence. He’d spent his entire adult life in the shadows of power, first at Langley then with Consular Operations. He’d taken plenty of shit over the span of his career, but none of it had become public and none of it had been personal. As deputy director of Consular Operations he’d taken the most, but he also had the opportunity to witness firsthand the incredible reach of genuine power. His predecessor, Director Derek Collins, had altered the course of history on several fronts, and to this day no one outside the Beltway even knew his name. He’d never had a website or even a Wikipedia page. Everything he did, every masterful stroke he took in his years as director of Cons Ops, had been performed behind a virtually impenetrable curtain. That was true power.
    Now that power belonged to Edward Clarke. And like his predecessor, he wasn’t afraid to

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